Our Story

Nicole Greener, Founder and Owner

In 2009, Nicole was working in an office, where, like many offices, concrete and tile floors dominated the design. Anytime a co-worker left her desk to go to the printer or the restroom, the workflow of the entire office was disrupted.

Nicole began to notice that women were even taking the long way around the office in order to maximize time walking on carpet instead of hard surfaces, reducing the noise and unwanted attention.

Nicole quickly discovered that most of the women she knew had experienced the same problem. In hallways, classrooms, airports, grocery stores and churches, women around the world were dealing with the same attention-grabbing clicking noise created by their heels.

Although Nicole could frequently be found on a mountaintop in hiking or ski boots, she was a girl who still loved her heels. She wanted to find a solution to the nuisance caused by loud heels. That’s when Clickless was born.

Nicole created Clickless for busy women in heels who want to walk into a room confidently without concern for who they might disturb. Nicole also discovered her invention made walking in heels more comfortable, and it extended the life of the heels by protecting them from harsh surfaces. Unlike other heel protectors, Clickless is completely discreet. Not only does Clickless soften your steps, they are virtually invisible. 

In April 2015, Nicole co-authored the book Behind Her Brand: Volume 3, a book that takes readers through the journeys of 12 successful female entrepreneurs. The book is available on Amazon and other bookstores. 

Patent Pending

The innovative Clickless high heel protectors is patenting pending. The Clickless team has spent countless hours in research and development, testing materials, thickness, width, and design. We believe we have created the perfect formula for durability, protection, sound dampening, and style.