Q. How do I know which size will fit my high heel stiletto?

A. Clickless heel protectors come in four sizes, labeled on the interior of the cap. Because we strive to have the perfect fit on the heel of your stiletto, the difference between sizes is minimal.   Choose the snuggest fit for your high heel stiletto based on this sizing chart.  The correct size heel cap, should be difficult to remove.  

Q. How do Clickless heel protectors stay on? Are they adhesive?

A. Our high heel protectors are not adhesive, but because of our exclusive material and the snug fit, they grip onto your heel and stay on tightly. When you’re ready, just slip them on or off as needed. Worn heel protector caps may be easily replaced with a new one.

Q. How long does Clickless last?

 A. Most of our customers experience up to a few months of intermittent use. However, this is variable depending on walking surfaces, length of commute and individual wear.

Q. Can I used Clickless over my damaged heels?

A.  Yes, you can use them over damaged heels.  However, we strongly recommend to not use with them with damaged heels that have metal exposed as the heel protectors will not last as long. 

Q. Can I use Clickless on wet or slick surfaces?

A. We recommend using caution on any wet/slick surface as you would without our product. Many customers say Clickless improves foot grip, however, we advise using good judgment when wearing stilettos. 

Q. How do I choose the right color?

A. Clickless is offered in three colors: black, neutral, and dark brown. Regardless of main shoe color, these are the most common heel color tips you will find on high heel stilettos.

  • Neutral looks best on white, nude, and lightly colored shoes.  
  • Black is best on black and dark colored shoes.
  • Dark brown looks best on dark brown shoes and shoes with dark wood heels.

Q. Why don't you make Clickless heel protectors in clear?

A.  Yes we tried it!  And the clear product does not look as discreet as one would think.  Our current color options do not distract from the look of our beautiful heels.  

Q. What makes Clickless different than other high heel protectors?

A. Clickless is virtually undetectable on high heel stilettos. You can keep the look of your high heel while protecting the integrity of the heel, enhancing comfort, and softening footsteps.  

Many customers also use Clickless to:

  • protect various types of flooring
  • conceal older and damaged heels
  • provide stability

Q. Help! Please ship to my country.

A.  Please email us at  orders@beclickless.com and we'll get you Clickless.  We ship internationally!

Q. What is your return policy?

A.  Our customers love Clickless.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return or exchange the product for alternate color within 30 days.  For order questions, please contact us orders@beclickless.com.

Q. Do we use 'cookies'?

A.  Yes.  Please read about 'cookies' and our privacy policy.