Sizing Help

Yes, we have seven sizes!  They are labeled 0 - 6 on the interior of the cap.  

Why so many sizes?
  • With all the different heels sizes and types on the market, the difference between our sizes is minimal.  
  • The size range is from 7mm to 14mm.  
  • Our size 0 fits most "blade" very thin heels and largest size 6 fits a more "chunky" stiletto
  • Fits round, square, u-shaped heels
Which is the right size for my heel?
  • You can measure to check if Clickless fits your heels.  We recommend purchasing our multi-size pack and you can then re-order your favorite size.  
  • Please choose the most snug fit on your heel.  
  • Correct size should be difficult to remove.  
Removing worn caps
  • Please use the heart shape cap remover.  This grippy pad makes it easier to remove worn caps.  
  • Simply fold heart around heel cap and give a tug.  
Download & Print our EasySizeCheck