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"Let me tell you, I am in LOVE. Every time I leave my house anymore, I make sure I have a pair of Clickless protectors on if I’m wearing heels. They have absolutely saved my shoes (and more importantly my money… so that I can buy new shoes instead of replacements for old ones, obviously).

As a model, these are fantastic for the runway; get rid of the click distraction and the focus is drawn into the clothing. Clickless products extend the life of your heels, save you money, reduce slip risk (aka falling on your face), prevent damage, and add comfort by preserving the shape of your shoe."

Allyn Lewis, Model

"I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my clickless!  Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea. I have shared them with the ladies in my office and my cousin in NYC.  I am your biggest fan."

Maggie H., Banker in Ketchum, ID

"We received the Clickless and we LOVE them! They work perfectly!
Everyone is in love!!
Thank you!!"

A.J., Fashion Industry in New York City

"I love this idea. [...] Its so cute and women will love it. The biggest selling point is the heel protection. Because nothing cheapens a nice pair of shoes than when the nub is worn off and women continue to wear those shoes and the nail in the heel clicks on the floor. You know what I'm talking about! That is something everyone can admit has happened to them and its mortifying."


I just bought your product after seeing it on Bethenny and I love it! They really do make your shoes "click less" and protect the heel of the shoe as well!

Lisa F., Chapel Hill, NC