Everything Clickless

What are Clickless high heel protectors?

Clickless heel protectors are simple and discreet non-adhesive caps that make your heels click less. Plus, they protect and prolong the life of your heels. They are available in black, neutral, and dark brown and include seven sizes. Clickless heel protectors fit most slim heels and stilettos.   


Why Clickless?

Minimizes distracting clicking noise  Perfect for offices, courtrooms, schools, airports, or anywhere you want to be Clickless

Softens your step  Provides a discreet buffer between your heels and hard surfaces

Protects your favorite heels from everyday wear  Simply replace worn caps when necessary to keep your heels looking their best

Tapered to fit heels perfectly  Because they're tapered, you'll barely notice them on your heels

Makes your heels more comfortable  Wear your heels longer from the extra comfort