High Heel Caps

High Heel Caps save you money, one shoe at a time.

Protect & prolong the life of your heels with Clickless!

Clickless is so simple, there's really not much that needs to be said before any fashionista realizes it is a must-have shoe accessory. In fact, they've been called "super heroes" for shoes. These heel caps fit snugly on any high heel or stiletto, and are virtually undetectable. 

Do you have any of these problems with your high heels?

  1. You wear them out too quickly 
  2. They are uncomfortable
  3. They make an annoying clicking noise

Clickless high heel caps can help with all three of these issues. Just pop them on and off you go! For the price of a couple of drinks at Starbucks™, you can extend the life of your heels. We all know those can run anywhere between $50 and $750 a pair.

Learn the secret that fashionistas, business women, models and fashion industry professionals have known: a small investment can protect your large investment. Different sizes and colors are available to ensure the best fit with your favorite shoes. Ready to protect, soften, and quiet those heels?

Each package contains 4 pairs of caps in different sizes, so you can ensure a snug fit with every shoe.

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