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High Heel Covers & Why You Need Them

 How many stiletto heels have you bid goodbye to by walking on uneven ground, breaking or chipping off a heel? Or perhaps your downfall is that you let your high heels deteriorate in storage or during travel, shoving them into too tight of a space.

Whatever the reason you keep ruining your favorite high heels, it’s time to wise up and start using high heel protectors. That’s right, they are known by various names like ‘heel protectors’, ‘heel covers’, ‘shoe stopper’ or ‘heel cap’, but they all have the same function: to lengthen the life of your high heels.

What Are Heel Covers?

There are different types of heel covers, and what you choose will depend on the type of wear your heels typically see. Some are nothing but a small case or bag for your shoe to protect it from dust and scratching while in storage. There is also the good old-fashioned type of shoe cover. First, the shoehorn, which will maintain the shape of your high heel if you have it shoved into a tight space for storage or travel. Second, a simple leather protectant balm or spray can help keep your kicks looking fabulous.

Predictably, your heel tip is the most vulnerable to damage on any surface, and once the heel tip is damaged, the shoe by itself loses its purpose. Hence, some high heel covers are caps that you put over the tip of the heel to protect it. It doesn’t matter how hard you work out with that gym membership, your heels have to carry your entire weight on a teeny tiny heel point. So, this type of heel cover protects the heel and allows for more “give”, not only extending the life of the heel, but also cushioning the step for the shoe’s wearer.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Heel Covers?

  • Extends Life of Heel – What could be more rewarding than your favorite shoes lasting longer than you thought? Heel covers can actually extend the life span of your heels. Since high heel fashion is timeless, they’re a worthwhile investment.
  • Saves Money – Heel covers help you save money in the long run, because your favorite black, red, nude, and white heels will stay intact and looking like the day you bought them. No more last-minute runs to the mall when you need a pair to match tomorrow’s outfit.
  • Reduces Slip Risk – No more slipping and embarrassing yourself on the dance floor. The heel cap covers will give you the grip you need to enjoy yourself without concern.
  • Prevents Damage – Now you can be sure that your heel is safe from harsh surfaces like gravel, as well as dust, grime, salt, water and such harmful properties that can literally kill any beautiful heels.
  • Makes High Heels More Comfortable - Certain heel covers preserve the shape of your shoe or even make walking in them more comfortable. That's a benefit we can all get on board with!
So what do you think? Will you be purchasing high heel covers to help keep your stilettos last longer? You get them in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can get them according to your dress or the function that you may be attending.

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