Heel to Toe
5 Favorite Movie Clips of Women Helping Women

Have you ever watched a film with a lead female character or two and enjoyed it so much that at the very end you felt a little bit…emotional? And has this feeling perhaps led you to think, “I need to watch this again with (insert BFF’s name here) and I need to call her RIGHT NOW and tell her all about it”?

It happens. It happens and it doesn’t have anything to do with quantifiable evidence. A feel-good-about-the-sisterhood movie might not have won any Oscars or stars or thumbs up, but it can make you feel lucky to have your girlfriends and it might make you want to be a better one.

A strong group of girlfriends is like having a pot of gold and it’s always a delight to see that magic happen on the big screen (or even the little screen if you're anything like me in college).

Here’s a very short list, in somewhat chronological order, of our favorite movies featuring women helping women. 

1. Thelma & Louise (1991)

    Iconic; Thelma & Louise is what every woman thinks of when she thinks of films about women helping women. World-weary Louise helps doe-eyed Thelma out of uncomfortable man situations while fleeing to Mexico in a convertible mustang. Their decision-making, how the stakes get higher and higher, the scenery and that soundtrack! This film surpasses the term chick flick and is more a spiritual thriller with some seriously young Brad Pitt eye-candy thrown in. Best movie ending ever. I’d probably floor it off a cliff if Harvey Keitel was chasing me.

    2. Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Another one not to miss, I think of this film as paving the way for Thelma & Louise. A high-voltage cast of southern women see their friend's (Sally Field) daughter (Julia Roberts) marry and then die a tragic death. The life challenges they face together and the way these old and new friends communicate is so subtle and sensitive it is a good friendship lesson to us all. Full of excellent one-liners and killer scenes (armadillo cake anyone?), this is a woman's classic.

    3. Practical Magic (1998)

    Okay, this didn’t get many stars, not many good reviews or any thumbs up. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it... but it’s fun to watch with your girlfriends anyway. The basic plot is that two sister witches have been cursed upon. The curse entails that the men they fall in love with will die an early death. They also drink piña coladas and have dance parties in the middle of the night. Need I say more? Goran Visnjic -- Dr. Luka from ER, hello! (that’s who put Croatia on the map for me) -- is the swarthy bad guy. The sisters have to work together to exorcise them out of their lives. Maybe not technically a classic, but a fun watch, especially around Halloween.

    4. Sex in the City-Movie #1 (2008)

    This could not be left out. Like it or not, Sex in the City is the TV series of our generation that taught women to speak to each on another level. The movie features the characters we all know and scenes that we’ve all been through before, packing up and moving, escaping from the love of your life. Buying your wedding dress at a vintage store and then ditching your penthouse -- oh, wait-that would NEVER happen. Regardless of reality these are four friends that stick together through the best of times and the worst of times.

    5. Bridesmaids (2011)

    Bridesmaids is a great example of women helping women and the dark jealous resentment that some women have the capacity to harbor. This is a film about two frenemies planning their friend’s wedding. Lots of funny and tragic things happen. Actually, many tragic things happen. However the grand finale is the wedding scene featuring the band Wilson Phillips singing “Hold On”, which is an awesome way to show the women had united.

    Why We Love Films About Women Helping Women

    A few themes stood out in compiling this list: tragedy, bonding, sensitivity and above all, a sense of humor. Leading lady characters carry a depth and grace that isn’t often seen in their male counterparts, and the traits of depth and grace are exemplified when they are helping each other.

    Obviously, this is an abbreviated list, but there are so many! Please share your favorites and explain why.

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    6 Famous Movie Shoe Fails

    It’s no secret that shoes play a center role in entertainment. And when those shoes fail, it takes us off guard and makes for memorable moments we'll not soon forget. Shoe malfunctions, breakdowns, glitches and blips really bring life to any story, fiction or non.

    1. Cinderella & the Glass Slipper

    Oh dear, this heroine would still doing chores out the wazoo without her glass slippers and their famous malfunction! The latest version of Cinderella is not animated and will appeal to a more sophisticated audience. It looks like sophistication is exactly what Disney is aiming for, offering a line of Cinderella-inspired footwear by nine top designers including Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo. Stewart Wietzman presents a jewel encrusted bootie for the line especially designed for the modern princess, priced at a cool $3,500 (available at Saks). And here's a pretty hilarious spoof on the new movie from Saturday Night Live. 

    2. He Stole My Strappy Sandals!

    We can’t discuss famous shoe malfunctions without the girl who brought the name Manolo Blahnik into every woman’s living room. In hindsight, it’s hard to know if Carrie chased more men around NYC or more pairs of shoes. How can we forget a young, bumbling Carrie in Sex In The City’s “What Goes Around, Comes Around” episode. Poor Carrie is robbed and not only are her hand bag (bagette to be exact) and keys stolen, but her favorite pair of designer strappy sandals.

    3. Uh, As If!

    Who can forget the 1995 cult hit Clueless? From Tai learning to drive to the famous party scene ("rollin' with the homies"), there are so many memorable moments that are so 90's. But do you remember Cher's shoe malfunction? Travis spills Coke onto Cher's satin sandals and she is not too happy about it. 

    4. Don't Make Me Drop a House on You

    Coveted by the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy’s ruby slippers are considered one of the most important film props in the world. And who can forget this amazing bit of 1939 cinemagic? After the house falls on the Wicked Witch of the East, her sister of the West comes for the slippers, and they magically disappear as her feet and legs recoil under the house. Say what?! Can you say "shoe fail" on the part of the Wicked Sisters? In 2011 this crimson pair sold for a whopping $2-3 million dollars and another pair are currently on display at the Smithsonian, one of the most treasured and asked about pieces in their collection.

    5. Death by Stiletto

    Here's another outrageous 90's movie shoe malfunction to add to the list. Bridget Fonda shines in the "erotic thriller" Single White Female, playing a psychotic character who causes turmoil for her roommate and her fiancé, Sam. At one point, she gets the same haircut and clothes as her roommate and impersonates her in bed with Sam. When Sam threatens to reveal the truth, she gouges his eye out with a stiletto heel, killing him. Yowch. What a way to go.

    6. How Do They Walk in These Things?

    In this hilarious 1959 classic, two men witness a murder and are on the run from the mob. They cross-dress into an all female band. Problems ensue when one falls for Marilyn Monroe's character, but he can't tell her because he's a "woman". The other is pursued by a rich suitor who is relentless. In the scene below you get an idea of how difficult it must be for a first-time walker in high heels, as the men wobble through the transit station.

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    Oscar Shoes: Our Picks for 2014's Leading Ladies

    This Sunday marks the 86th annual Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars. We can't wait to sit around with our best girlfriends sipping champaign, eating finger foods and critiquing the fashions. At this point, we have no idea what Oscar's leading ladies will be wearing. Only the real insiders are privy to that info. But what we do know is what's on the cutting edge of shoe fashion, and if we had our way, all outfits would start and end with the shoe. So, without further ado, we give you our picks for the 2014 Oscar shoes.

    The Nominees and the Shoes We'd Choose

    Actress in a Leading Role

    Amy Adams, American Hustle

    We've loved Amy Adams in former roles like Enchanted and The Muppets, but American Hustle is a different character for her. In it, she is enlisted in a bribery scam where the would-be stripper from New Mexico plays an British upper-class woman. She does a fabulous job playing a dynamic role, which is why we've selected these dynamic, metallic chain-fringe sandals from Gianvito Rossi. 

    Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

    A "victim" of a financial scandal involving her former husband, Jasmine (played by Blanchett) finds herself suddenly broke but in denial. She takes a flight, first class no doubt, to her sister's house in San Francisco, still clinging to her expensive rings and high fashion. For her character, we chose this snakeskin pointed toe pump from Alexander McQueen.

    Sandra Bullock, Gravity

    In a telescope space mission, Sandra Bullock's character plays a scientific engineer who, along with co-star George Clooney, is the victim of a terrible circumstance. After debris destroys their space shuttle, we find the two floating in space in a dazzling spectacle of filmography. One of the critiques of the film is that Bullock's hair doesn't free float as it really would in space, and for that reason we've selected these gravity-defying six-inch platform pump from Christian Louboutin.

    Judi Dench, Philomena

    Based on a true story, Philomena is about an elderly Irish woman, played by Dame Judi Dench, searching for the son she gave up for adoption as a teen. She plays a common middle class woman with former ties to the convent and a very utilitarian wardrobe. That's why we've chosen this staple black low-heel pump from Christian Louboutin. 

    Judi Dench Oscar Shoes

    Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

    Among a star-studded cast, Meryl Streep plays the matriarch of a family who has reconvened in Oklahoma to pay respects to the patriarch of the family, who died in an apparent suicide. Quarrels and revelations come into play in the dark comedy. For her nomination, we chose these snake-inspired numbers from Giuseppe Zanotti.

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    10 Famous Celebrity High Heel Moments

    There are so many memorable fashion moments in history, but how often are we actually remembering the shoes that go along with those moments? We'd like to pay a tribute to a few of the more memorable celebrity high heels in the recent (and not-so-recent) past. If we had the chance, we'd give a pair of Clickless for Stilettos to each one of these women and their fashion coordinators.

    How can we forget the famous Carrie Bradshaw wedding dress and accompanying head bird? But did you ever get a look at her shoes as she's running away? Kudos to Sarah Jessica Parker for running in those things with what we're guessing is ten pounds of dress bundled up in her arms.

    Whether you prefer the classic or the Charlie's Angels redux of today, there's no denying that the angels have some damned good gams. And, my, what cute shoes they have! We bet a pair of Clickless for Stilettos would help the angels be a little more stealth when they're going undercover... not to mention make them a bit more comfortable when they're kicking some ass. Charlie, call us!  

    Slippers of glass. Are you kidding me? They might sound good in theory, but Prince Charming really should consider Cinderella's comfort, safety and the racket she'll be making as she dances all over the ballroom. Try Clickless for Stilettos, 
    Mr. Charming! 

    Ah, yes. How can we forget one of the most famous fashion films of our generation! We think Andy might have had a better time bustling around New York City in stilettos looking for the Harry Potter manuscript if she'd had a pair of Clickless to protect those pricey accessories.

    You better shape up! Sandra Dee sure turned up the "wow" factor in Grease when she slipped on a black leather ensemble with red lipstick and heels to match. We love it as much as Danny Zuko. 

    Here's where the famous duo of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts began. There are so many great fashion moments from this film. We have to think if old Vivian had a pair of Clickless as she strolled through the hotel in those boots, she might have attracted fewer looks.


    What's not to love about blue hair? It screams "fun", but the shoes scream "sexy". Miss Perry sure loves her fashion, and we're sure there'll be plenty more memorable moments in her future.


    Oh, Gaga. You never cease to amaze us. We're not sure how comfortable these stilettos are (hence, she is sitting), but we admit we've seen her wear crazier things. Gaga, we'd send you ten pairs of Clickless for Stilettos on the house if you keep on keepin' on pushing the fashion envelope.


    This gal looks great in just about anything, and is not afraid to go super tall with her stilettos. Rhianna has had no shortage of memorable fashion moments, but we like this look from her in the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire.


    Toni Braxton sure made headlines at the 2001 Grammy Awards with this little number. It seems she was going with the "less is more" theory, including her shoes. Not many people could pull off a look like this, but somehow the girl made it work! We bet those shoes weren't cheap, either. Toni, if you're reading, you can protect your high heels with a pair of Clickless. Call us, girl!


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