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How to Make Old Heels Look New

When you step out to strut your stuff, it’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward. But what if that foot is firmly planted in a favorite pair of heels that has started to look a little worn? Splits, chips, scuffs, scrapes and rips are common high heel problems that can all be fixed at home. Whether a furry friend has used your heels as a chew toy, or you're the victim of simple wear and tear, there are a number of steps you can take to put a spring back in your step and give an old pair of heels a loving little face lift.

5 Ways to Make High Heels Look Newer

1. Replace the Heel Tip

Because of pressure that the heel endures, a lost or chipped heel tip is a common issue. A replacement kit can be found at a shoe repair shop, online or at your local craft store. First, glue any split or torn fabric back to the heel with adhesive applied with a sponge or small nail brush. If damage is extensive, camouflage with a matching color acrylic paint. Second, either glue or hammer the tip into place. Lastly, file the heel tip to fit the shape of your shoe, but not too much that you weaken it. One way to prevent the need for this type of fix by wearing high heel protectors, especially when walking outdoors and on rough surfaces. 

2. Fix a Broken Ankle Strap

Don’t let this common problem slow you down. A sketchy heel strap, or blown out flip-flop or sandal is actually a very easy fix! A number of shoe adhesives are available at drug stores or even superglue would work in a pinch. First, remove any dirt or dust with a dry cloth, surfaces must be dry for the glue to set. Second, remove any stray thread or torn fabric. Apply glue and let sit for at least two minutes. Third, press pieces gently together and use a clamp to hold, a clothespin or paperclip will do. Let dry for 24 hours.

3. Walk This Way

When heels don’t fit properly they will show signs of age sooner. Luckily, there are a number of products that do double duty to help your feet and your fabulous heels! If an ankle rubs the back of the shoe, apply a band aid to create a barrier, or gel pads are re-usable. Foot inserts are available to take pressure off the ball of the foot, and arch supports help support the foot and back. The better fitting heel will instantly look newer.  

4. Condition, Condition, Condition

For any heel material, there is a way to clean and a way to pre-treat. A favorite shoe store or online site features a number of products to spiff up your heels. Each season, take out your collection of shoes and give each a clean. Then, depending on the circumstances, waterproof, de-salt, brush and buff each pair to perfection. Each pair will look renewed and this will prolong the life of the shoe.

5. Scratch & Color Fixes

When conditioning alone doesn't fix scratches, tears and scrapes, additional repair might be necessary. This is difficult with fabric shoes, but can be done with other materials as long as it isn't too deep or wide. First, prep the shoe by buffing out each scrape with leather oil. Then, use a color matching shoe polish to disguise the blemish.


Old age isn’t a good reason to retire a pair of heels, and expensive high heels are particularly worthy of the effort to keep them looking new. Renew your shoes with these handy tips and tricks and old becomes new again. It’s like getting new shoes without spending much money, and that makes everyone feel fabulous!

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Spring Trend Watch: Two Toned Ankle Strap Heels

Ahh, Spring. One day you think it's on the doorstep, the next you get six inches of snow. Hey, at least there isn't a snow boot shortage (unless you live in on the east coast). In any case, back to Spring. We're already seeing the spring runway fashions on the streets when weather permits. And one of the big trends we're seeing is two-toned ankle strap heels.

The great thing about ankle strap heels is the support, and the wonderful thing about having two colors is, well, more colors! Buying your favorite heels in two tones means you no longer have to buy them in both colors for them to work with both outfits. Make sense? 

Without further ado, we give you some of our favorite two-toned heels for the Spring season.

Alexander Wang

Giorgio Armani


Dolce Vita

Jeffrey Campbell

Manolo Blahnik

Pedro Garcia

See by Chloe

Charles David


Jimmy Choo
(Sometimes they even sneak in a third color!)


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Trendwatch 2013: Ankle Strap Heels

There’s something sensual about the high heeled shoe that we just can’t seem to crack. Yet, we’re obsessed. For decades, this shoe style is one that exudes sexiness, style, and fashion. So, when we take the legendary “it” factor of the heel and pair it with an ankle strap style, we have the top shoe style of 2013. Aside from the fact that this style of shoe fits every style and body type, we’ve found other reasons that make this shoe style a #1 style in (our humble, fashionable opinion).

Why is the Ankle Strap Heel the "It" Shoe of 2013? 

Ankle Security and it's Sexy.  

Picture this: You’re walking down the street looking fabulous and suddenly—oomph! --- your heel (without the sexy ankle strap) suddenly fails you, either falling off your foot, or causing you to stumble. Who hasn’t had this happen to them? If you're prone to these types of ankle twisting mishaps, the ankle strap heel might be for you. Heel styles like pumps, slide ins, or wedges without straps are so cute, but they do not come with what we like to call “ shoe security”. The ankle strap heel allows you to have that added foot comfort and security so you don’t have to worry about incurring foot or ankle problems. Dance the night away, power walk to that job interview, or do the “Carrie Bradshaw” trot down 5th Avenue without worrying about your fabulous footwear failing you.

Getting married? This is a great style for brides and bridesmaids alike to wear; as it gives security for the long day ahead of you while also serving as a stunning shoe style for your entire bridal party.

Leaner Legs.
Admit it, as women, we always strive for a leaner, slimmer, and longer figure. This shoe style is perfect for that. The high heel shoe serves as an accessory in itself, often having feminine patterns or trendy colors that give some trendy “pop” that draws attention to those fabulous ankles and heels of yours. But when you add the trendy style of the ankle strap to this shoe, it gives an illusion we just can’t get enough of. 

Celeb Approved.

As with most fashion trends and styles, they originate from a celebrity in the spotlight wearing this style at some fabulous gala or premiere. Late last year at the Teen Choice Awards, we witnessed Hollywood’s most popular ladies strut their stuff down the red carpet in ankle strapped heels. Stylists spotted this new trend and instantly incorporated it into the most fabulous ensembles that inspired and drove fans to purchase these goddess-worthy heels for themselves.  These shoes are worn by celebrities of all ages—from young Disney divas like Miranda Costgrove and Selina Gomeze, to seasoned trend veterans like Sandra Bullock and Jessica Simpson.

Sources: FashionistaBarbie.com, CoolSpotters.com, whatlotspots.blogspot.com, InStyle.com, MyStyle.com 

When to Wear Ankle Strap Heels

When adopting the latest fashion trend, one might ask—when is the right time to wear these shoes!? Good question. The beauty of this style is that they can be worn at various events, depending on the style, color, and height chosen. Choose an ankle strapped heel with an open toe for a night out with the girls; a covered ankle strapped heel for an event or meeting or interview; and break out the ankle strapped wedges for a weekend out at the Hamptons. Worn beautifully with a high-low dress, these shoes elongate, turn heads, and show off your fabulous style.

The ankle strapped heel and all of it’s fabulousness isn’t strutting off the red carpet or runaway anytime soon. Choose the style that best fits your wardrobe, style, and budget and have fun wearing them. We've created a Pinterest Board of our favorite Ankle Strap Heels. Check them out!


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