Heel to Toe
High Heels Are Your Best Fashion Accessory

So, you’ve put together your wonderfully fabulous outfit for the day. As usual, you pull from the latest and greatest trends to hit the runway, using this as inspiration and motivation to create the perfect ensemble that mirrors you and the individual you are. As you’re heading out the door, you search to pair your outfits with additional accessories: bubble necklace, bangles, and earrings. Forgetting something?

Your shoes, my dear.

You probably have a shoe collection as extensive as Carrie Bradshaw’s—flats, wedges, pumps, strappy sandals, and more.  However, if you’re looking for a shoe that has remained a timeless favorite for decades, you’ll want to select a high heel. A fashionista can have the most head-turning outfit around; but if not paired with the proper shoes, it’s all for nothing!

High heels are the one accessory that will transform your outfit to an ensemble. It’s amazing how a pair of shoes will truly set the tone for the rest of the outfit. Dress it up, dress it down. Your shoes make that decision for you. Something as simple as a t-shirt can be instantly transformed to create a classy, chic ensemble - just by adding heels. The same outfit can be worn to head to the mall or grab that latte, and six hours later be an outfit for a classy night on the town. It’s a total transformation, all with a pair of high heels.

Put simply: high heels make you look like the sexy beast you truly are.

You know how some articles of clothing, like styles of jeans, or even patterns on an outfit can slightly alter or distort how you look? Horizontal stripes, skinny jeans, or even ballet flats can make someone look bigger or fuller than they really are. One of the things that’s so wonderful about high heels is the fact that, no matter what style or how you wear them, your body is instantly glamorized.

Slip on a pair of your favorite high heels and notice the slimmer leg illusion, but also added height (thus a skinnier effect). Another bonus is the instant lift your backside gets in a pair of heels, something most girls would never complain about. On top of everything, high heels give you confidence and showcase your strong, beautiful presence more than any other accessory.

Barriers to Entry: Price & Comfort

Many people assume that women who wear high heels spend a ton of money on them. Yes, many celebrities do invest a hefty amount of green in their shoe collection, but you don’t have to do that to look like a knockout. Shop smart, and you can still have the hottest trends for a fraction of the price. Here are three ways you can learn to save when shopping for high heels:

  1. Shop BOGO. By purchasing one pair full price, you’ll get the second pair half off or less.
  2. Shop during flash sales. Flash sales are exactly what they sound like: a sale in a flash.
  3. Pay attention to your favorite stores’ sales via email, text, or Facebook, and plan to make your fashion bargain buy once the sale starts.  

Another common misconception is "I can't wear high heels because they're too uncomfortable". Well, my dear. Didn't anybody ever tell you that beauty is pain? We're kidding (mostly). There are many tips and tricks for making high heels more comfortable. That means, you can have your cake and look fabulous, too!

In conclusion, wearing high heels is one of the top rules in the “fashionista’s handbook”, regardless of where you are in the world. High heels not only create the perfect look, but truly give you the boost of confidence and self esteem we all need from time to time. 

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