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Heel to Toes's Top 10 Blogs of 2013

Welcome to 2014. What a year 2013 was! We wish you nothing but happiness, love and good fashion this year. In light of this wish, we give you our top articles from 2013, as voted by your readership. We hope you continue to find our blog useful for fashion tips, trends and other fun tidbits. As always, we hope you enjoy Clickless. We are committed to products that help you extend the life of your high heels by protecting them, while reducing the sound your heels make when walking on harsh surfaces.

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10. Why Should You Protect Your High Heels

We know you've invested a pretty penny in those shoes of yours, so that's why we wrote this little number to help you protect your investment. Prevent and remediate scuffs, damage from harsh surfaces and regular wear and tear with our tips.

9. Clickless Featured on Bethenny Show

This was a fun one for our 2013. We were featured on The Bethenny Frankel Show in her ongoing segment "Bethenny in Your Business". Our sales have really spiked since the show aired, and we have been overwhelmed with great feedback about how Clickless has helped to protect and reduce the noise for high heel wearers the world over. 

8. Our Favorite Quotes About Shoes

From Marilyn to Cinderella, shoes are an important part of both history and our daily lives. We've pooled together our favorite quotes and sayings about shoes and shoe fashion.

7. How to Wear Dresses with Heels

This might seem obvious, but based upon the popularity of this article, it's obviously a common question. While we always encourage your own creative touch, there are simply some steadfast rules that the fashion world has accepted about heels and dresses.

6. 10 Famous Celebrity High Heel Moments

We all love a classic celebrity moment. From Carrie Bradshaw to Sandra Dee, Hollywood has had many classic high heel moments, and we recap our favorites with this blog list.

5. Trend Watch: Ankle Strap High Heels

Ankle strap high heels were, and continue to be, on the trend lists. Check out our analysis of the trend along with some photos.

4. In or Out? Today's Fashion for Women at Work

What does the modern day work attire look like for professionals in different fields? From jewelry to shoes, we review which fashions are in and which have gone out to lunch.

3. 5 of the Highest Heels Ever Worn

This post was just for fun, but it was so popular it drove to number three on our list. We all know the pain that wearing high heels can sometimes cause, and seeing women wear oversized heels is just fascinating.

2. How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Speaking of high heels causing pain, our dear readers are obviously interested in how to lessen that uncomfortable feeling that wearing high heels sometimes causes. That's half of the reason why we invented Clickless, after all. Read our post to find out methods for making your high heels more comfortable.

1. Top Designer Heel Brands

Drumroll, please.... our top blog post of 2013 is in regards to designer heels. In this post, we outline the top 20 designer heel brands and give you some tidbits about the designers, their history, and what they're known for. How many shoes do you have from the designers on our list?

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