Heel to Toe
Nude Stilettos: A Wardrobe Staple


From lips to pumps, nude is "the new red". We saw them often at the height of 2012's shoe fashion, and we expect the trend to continue. The versatility of nude stilettos is such that you can easily team them up with formal wear, or turn heads with your feet as you get down on the dance floor. Many women believe that, like red, nude is difficult to pull off. However, we are of the opinion that this is absolutely untrue. Like red, you simply need to find the right shade of nude for you!

Tips for Wearing Nude Stilettos

  • If you’re thinking of trying out the nude stilettos trend, we recommend that you try not to overdo the look. Try to steer clear of teaming up flesh toned dresses with nude pumps and then nude makeup. A dash of color would help break the monotone, unless of course you're aiming for a minimalist look.
  • If you are slightly shorter or apple body shaped, nude stilettos can give the illusion of longer legs. High heeled shoes already make your legs appear longer, but the added nude color blends with your skin tone to effectively add in a few “visual inches”.
  • You can wear nude stilettos all year round. 
  • Even though nude complements every color, pastels work especially well, as seen by Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria in the image below.

Nude Heels Four Ways
(sources: People.com, FashionWorship.com)

  • When wearing short skirts or dresses, make sure that your legs are waxed, polished and well moisturized before you step in a nude pair of stilettos. Since the color blends in with your skin, you’ll notice those little things more. And you’ll feel more comfortable if your legs are looking their best.
  • Nude stilettos are effortlessly stylish and are a must-have in your shoe wardrobe. However, remember, no matter what color your shoes, you should always protect and silence your heels with a pair of Clickless!

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