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Spring Heels Under $100

Spring shoes are one of the best things about this season! Antsy feet rejoice as they bask in the spotlight of a polished pedicure and a dainty peep toe. Warm sun feeds not only the soul, but if feeds the sole. Here are our favorite spring high heels that we think you will love just as much as we do.

Nine West’s Kookie Slingback Mary Jane Pointy Toe

Be still my beating heart, these slingbacks are the sweetest! With a pointy toe and a 3-inch heel, the Kookie can be on day or night or day to night with nary a wobble. We loved them in denim with nude accents until we saw the nude snake skin and then the black snake skin and now, well, we are just in love with them all.

Sole Society’s Angelica

This red white gingham pointed toe pump is sophisticatedly cute. A sexy Strawberry Shortcake would wear to these to the office to perfect her strong lunch game. So stylish with a nude 2 and 3/4 inch heel, they are a go-to spring high heel.

Sole Society’s Jensine Suede Mid Heel Pump

What makes this mid heel so fierce is the edgy bow embellishment on the side. Soft mustard suede meets a 2 ½ inch heel which means these shoes were made for walking. Plus, the neutral color matches everything.

The Glamo Dress Sandal by Guess

The always glamorous Guess brings us this light gold beauty, tastefully doused in rhinestones. With an open toe and closed heel, these boast a 4 and ½ inch heel promising that these spring high heels will bring some sparkle to your step!

Vince Camuto’s Callista Floral Pump

This pair of heels is a study in juxtaposition. The Callista has the classic line of the pump yet is covered in a colorful floral print. The 4-inch heel holds the sophistication high while the bright floral brings the fun.

Steve Madden Varcityy

Another floral pump, the Varcityy features a fabric floral print, but also a slick black heel and a black outline. The heel contrasts with the vibrant colors with a shiny black, almost patent leather, which gives this sweet pair a serious edge.

Vince Camuto Baletts

Love the colors in these floral prints: ruby with a touch of turquoise and navy. A closed toe and closed heel with cut-outs in between, these spring high heels are simply a must for a spring night on the town.

Sole Society’s Magnolia in Poppy

Poppy is one of our favorite colors because, simply stated, it pops! We love it on the extremities, especially feet and fingernails. Butter soft suede has laser-cut details which lend this pair an edge. A pointy toe and 3-inch heel make this a winner on any court.

Hannah Dress Sandal By Fergalicious

Fans of the strappy sandal will love the Hannah! Crisscrossing faux leather or fabric straps wrap the foot, leaving the toe exposed yet keep the foot secure with a closed back and ankle strap. A traction outsole and 3 inch heel will keep you on your toes and on the dance floor.

Camba by Jessica Simpson

Yes, you “Camba” with this saucy pair of spring high heels. A flirtatious lace fabric keeps it sexy and keeps it understated. The peekaboo mesh and Vivid Red color make this classic pump flirty and fresh.

We are pleased to present this small selection of wallet-friendly finds; and we hope that this helps you spring into your Spring season in a very fashionable way.

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15 Stocking Stuffers for Fashionistas Under $15

Stockings are where the fun and utilitarian gifts get stuffed. It’s the smaller, thoughtful and personal presents that don’t break the bank, yet truly warm the heart and are a blast to give. As luck would have it, there is no shortage of wonderful gifts this holiday season. And with major shopping days Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, now is time to stock up on some swanky stuff!

  1. Who can resist Burt’s Bees? Especially this tips and toes kit! High quality, natural ingredients and such delightful scents, this will be a hit for anyone looking to help winter heels.
  2. The perfect looking pair of shoes doesn’t always feel perfect on our feet. "No pain" blister cushions can save the day. Like bionic band-aids, they cure calluses and blisters by simply sticking to the back and/or upper area of a shoe.
  3. A sweet accessory to a favorite heel, ballet flat or sandal, these gorgeous black fabric flounce straps from Sassy Strapps step up a shoe and can pull an outfit together.
  4. High heel protectors that maintain shoe heel integrity and prolong the life of the shoe are amazing. These teeny tiny caps do double duty, also quieting heel clicks on hard surfaces.  
  5. Coming in at $19, and maybe too large for a stocking, but this boot storage kit is an incredible value. Plus, it’s like four gifts in one. A boot hanger and foam shapers keep your kicks off the floor. Leather lotion and shining cloth are total necessities for maintaining your favorite pair. 
  6. Even Fashionistas appreciate a little help now and then. Check out these boot straps, and keep pants tucked into boots! 
  7. For the friend who burns the candle at both ends, and looks great doing it! Eye makeup corrector and remover are little cotton swabs that offer ninja-like precision. Compact and perfect for a handbag for touchups or removal.
  8. Hate the flyaway scarf look? Keep it in place with a tape dot! Medical grade, double stick tape keeps bling, belts and bra straps firmly in place.
  9. Sweet as candy, keep those cords in place with these earbud holders. Simply wrap the cord around the holder and suction it onto a phone, table or any hard surface. Available in four yummy colors.
  10. Speaking of cord holders, they make them for the office, too. Keep the printer cable in place with these snazzy chord clips.
  11. Bedazzle a cup of cheer with these holiday-themed drink labels. Reusable and water resistant, each pack contains 30 labels.
  12. Chalk isn’t just for classrooms anymore, especially when it’s dust-free and works on any non-porous surface.
  13. Her feet will be happier, which means you will be happier, if she does not get blisters. If your honey loves nice kicks but doesn't wear them often enough to not get blisters, save the day with a stick of foot gloss to minimize chafing.
  14. There are so many wonderful people creating delightful, all natural concoctions and selling them on sites like Etsy. Why not support a small business this season and get your special someone a jar of handmade foot soak
  15. If you're like us, you want to wear your heels year round. We've just discovered the most incredible socks that allow you to wear heels and flats all winter long. And we aren't talking about that socks-under-sandals trend that came by the wayside a few years ago. We're talking about Keysocks
Stockings are the icing on the holiday cake. This is just a small list of fun things that are sure to impress your family and friends. Stuff those stockings with care, fun and humor, and your loved ones will be blown away by your present-giving prowess.

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10 Ladies Night Themes That Don't Include Beads or Bars

If you have a handful of lady friends you know that it doesn't take a lot to have a great time together.  Two for one drinks and stale taquitos do have their merits however some aspects of the standard ladies night theme tends to get a little worn over time.  Here are ten ladies night themes that don’t include bars, beads or even serious shopping.

Spa Night

Get some friends together for facials, foot soaks, manicures and pedicures. There is no shortage of over-the-counter products or find an all-natural recipe on the internet and try your hand at whipping up a facial mask. Enjoy a night of nurturing and rejuvenation. Remember, ladies only, and hold the camera, no pictures please!

Champagne Flights

The French flight takes off at 7:00pm sharp! No passport required. What’s a more wonderful treat than some bubbly with friends? So many to taste and so little time! You could do tastes by region, pink champagnes, or sparkling wines, even non-alcoholic for those who do not imbibe. Let your imagination run wild.

Oscar Party

Films aside, this is really an excuse to dish on celebrities and discuss how they are dressed. Oscar parties are fun and all you need is a TV, some simple appetizers and your friends. Cast ballots and see how they match up with the real winners; those with the best picks get to go home with a little gold man.

Vinyasa & Vino

Most yoga studios will have information on private lessons in your home, or even a different location like an event space or park. You could also tune into a number of DVD’s or online resources to lead a yoga class for close friends. After your mind and body has unwound, unwind everything else with a nice glass of wine.

She's Crafty

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to enjoy a simple craft with friends. You will be surprised at how fun and relaxing a creatively infused evening can be. Keep it simple. Try painting flower pots and plant paper white bulbs to enjoy a winter bloom indoors! Again, the internet is full of clever ideas for using recyclables or other household items that you can easily transform.

Plus One

Try this for a holiday party, book club, or really any gathering will suffice. Each attendee is required to bring one girlfriend. It’s really fun and a great way to meet new people and expand the social circle. Try a white elephant gift or other party game to encourage mingling. 

Clothing Swap

An event best spent with closer friends. Invite people to bring clothes they would otherwise donate and then swap amongst your friends! Easy and entertaining, brainstorm awards for the most 80’s ensemble or prom theme; the possibilities are endless and you might wind up with a new outfit or two!

Book Exchange

The concept is similar to the clothes swap but with fewer wardrobe changes. Attendees bring books that are ready for a new home and trade amongst themselves. Add a pot of soup, rustic bread and some warm drinks and this makes for a cozy evening.

Coordinated Dinner

Pick a dinner item -- pizza, burrito, salad or calzone -- and each attendee brings an ingredient. You can also assign a side, drinks or dessert and have a fun night creating your dinner! It’s an easy plan to commit to and people can take home the leftovers as a party favor. 

Movie Night

It doesn’t take a lot of supplies to have a blast watching chick-flicks with your girlfriends. Some healthy popcorn, nachos and a hunk of chocolate is all it takes. Try one of these 30 chick flicks or one of your personal favorites. 

Ladies night together doesn’t have to require a morning-after Advil or even a heavy hit to the wallet. A little creativity can go a long way and your friends will love you for it!

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Heel to Toes's Top 10 Blogs of 2013

Welcome to 2014. What a year 2013 was! We wish you nothing but happiness, love and good fashion this year. In light of this wish, we give you our top articles from 2013, as voted by your readership. We hope you continue to find our blog useful for fashion tips, trends and other fun tidbits. As always, we hope you enjoy Clickless. We are committed to products that help you extend the life of your high heels by protecting them, while reducing the sound your heels make when walking on harsh surfaces.

Yours Truly,

10. Why Should You Protect Your High Heels

We know you've invested a pretty penny in those shoes of yours, so that's why we wrote this little number to help you protect your investment. Prevent and remediate scuffs, damage from harsh surfaces and regular wear and tear with our tips.

9. Clickless Featured on Bethenny Show

This was a fun one for our 2013. We were featured on The Bethenny Frankel Show in her ongoing segment "Bethenny in Your Business". Our sales have really spiked since the show aired, and we have been overwhelmed with great feedback about how Clickless has helped to protect and reduce the noise for high heel wearers the world over. 

8. Our Favorite Quotes About Shoes

From Marilyn to Cinderella, shoes are an important part of both history and our daily lives. We've pooled together our favorite quotes and sayings about shoes and shoe fashion.

7. How to Wear Dresses with Heels

This might seem obvious, but based upon the popularity of this article, it's obviously a common question. While we always encourage your own creative touch, there are simply some steadfast rules that the fashion world has accepted about heels and dresses.

6. 10 Famous Celebrity High Heel Moments

We all love a classic celebrity moment. From Carrie Bradshaw to Sandra Dee, Hollywood has had many classic high heel moments, and we recap our favorites with this blog list.

5. Trend Watch: Ankle Strap High Heels

Ankle strap high heels were, and continue to be, on the trend lists. Check out our analysis of the trend along with some photos.

4. In or Out? Today's Fashion for Women at Work

What does the modern day work attire look like for professionals in different fields? From jewelry to shoes, we review which fashions are in and which have gone out to lunch.

3. 5 of the Highest Heels Ever Worn

This post was just for fun, but it was so popular it drove to number three on our list. We all know the pain that wearing high heels can sometimes cause, and seeing women wear oversized heels is just fascinating.

2. How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Speaking of high heels causing pain, our dear readers are obviously interested in how to lessen that uncomfortable feeling that wearing high heels sometimes causes. That's half of the reason why we invented Clickless, after all. Read our post to find out methods for making your high heels more comfortable.

1. Top Designer Heel Brands

Drumroll, please.... our top blog post of 2013 is in regards to designer heels. In this post, we outline the top 20 designer heel brands and give you some tidbits about the designers, their history, and what they're known for. How many shoes do you have from the designers on our list?

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