Heel to Toe
What's Your Wedding Shoe Style?

The spring and summer wedding season is fast approaching. Maybe you’ve been planning out every little detail for the past year, or perhaps you’re more of a “go with the flow” last-minute planner. There’s one detail no bride should overlook, and that’s her shoes. While many dresses hide a bride's shoes, it's always fun to pull up that dress and show them off. And there's no doubt in our minds that your shoes are a reflection of you, so do it up right, ladies!

Whatever your wedding shoe style, always be sure to add Clickless to your special day. Not only does Clickless silence and protect your heels, it makes them more comfortable. Hint: Clickless is a great bridesmaid's gift!

So, what's your wedding shoe style?

Chic Wedding Shoes

If you're often described as elegant, and would like your day to feel like something out of an issue of Marie Claire, you'll likely want to choose a high-end brand that fits your style vision for the day. 

Classic Wedding Shoes

If you're looking for a style that is more timeless, opt for a classic style of wedding shoe that is likely white, off white or nude. This is a great choice if you want to look back 10 years from now and not have the look seem too dated.


Colorful Wedding Shoes

Your wedding is a reflection of your personality, and you're clearly a colorful person. Choosing a bold color for your wedding shoes is a fun way to express yourself and bring a little life to your day. 

Floral Wedding Shoes

You're a sucker for girly things, aren't you? And who can blame you. Flowers can make anything better, from when your man messes up to when he kisses you on your big day.

Sexy Wedding Shoes

Heels are heels, right? Wrong. Some heels make your feet look drop dead sexy. If your day and style are a little more edgy, choose a sexy wedding shoe to match.

Shiny Wedding Shoes

It's your day, and you should be shining from head to toe. Whether that means shimmer or a shiny patent leather, shine on, you crazy diamond. 

Shabby Chic Wedding Shoes

If your perfect day involves a little lace and maybe some flowers, something nice but not too formal, perhaps you should choose a shabby chic style of wedding shoe.

Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Similar to the "shiny" category, sparkly shoes are for brides who want to sparkle and shine on their big day. It's how you feel, and your attire might as well show it.

Unique Wedding Shoes

So you're a unique fashion type? One of the brave ones who the rest of us envy for your boldness? Then, of course you'll be choosing a unique shoe type to match the one-of-a-kind style for your day. You go, girl.

 Vintage Wedding Shoes

Are you the type who reminisces of days of old? Are you wearing a ring or dress that is a family heirloom? Or perhaps vintage is just your style. Time to go thrift store shopping, Mrs. Macklemore. 

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