Heel to Toe
Do You Hate the Sound of High Heels?

Don't you just hate the sound of high heels clicking? There are some sounds that just stick with us, like fingernails on a chalkboard, the grinding of teeth, and the sound of high heels on a hard surface. Even from an early age, we all have memories of this sound. It's the sound of the principal walking down the hallway. It's the sound of a nervous interviewee entering the office, causing all of the employees to look up. It's the sound that, even in carpeted rooms, often just can't be silenced.

We've all heard this menacing sound before. So, what can be done for those of us who love our high heels but hate the disruptive sound they make? Fortunately, Clickless has created a solution that silences the sound of high heels while protecting them at the same time. And the best part is, they're extremely affordable.

The two-part solution consists of an adhesive sole pad and a color-matching heel protector cap. The heel cap comes in three colors (black, neutral and dark brown) and two sizes (x-small and small). Each package consists of two size variations to ensure the most snug and appealing fit for your high heel stiletto. That's four heel protectors and four sole pads, enough for two pairs of stiletto high heels. Clickless is currently available for stiletto heels, and will soon be available for all different types of heels.

Buy a pair of Clickless for Stilettos today, one for yourself, and one for a friend or co-worker. You'll never have to cringe when walking down a hallway, on a concrete sidewalk, or across a tiled floor again.

Clickless High Heel Protectors