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Don’t fear pledging allegiance to buying footwear in the USA. A long history of shoe manufacturing and an All-American attention to style and innovation have helped develop some of the world’s top brands here on our own soil. Comfortable and well-made, you’ll be surprised at the wide range of fashionable options that are produced domestically. Whether shopping for new shoes or strutting a favorite pair, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back for being patriotic. Shoe love of this kind is All-American.


Handcrafted in the United States for over 150 years, Frye makes a heel that you can strut straight from the windswept prairie right onto Park Avenue without missing a beat. Started in 1863 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Frye began with a simple purpose, to ease the lives of factory workers by providing high quality, comfortable shoes. www.thefryecompany.com


Based in Los Angeles, Sbicca distills the California vibe into a stylish and well-made shoe. The Sbicca brand has been around for over 90 years and prides itself on Genuine Leather or Hand-woven jute materials and a special heel made out of light-weight and flexible polyurethane. So a Sbicca heel looks good, feels good and is well crafted. www.sbiccafootwear.com

Vivanz Footwear

Headquartered in Southern California, the "utmost respect and appreciation are circulated within production and distribution". Believing that their people are their greatest asset, VIvanz shoes are manufactured in both the U.S. and Mexico. www.vivanz.com

Munro American

More of a comfort/casual shoe, Munro American has been a family owned and operated business out of Arkansas since the late 1950's. They are dedicated to size, comfort, and of course, style. www.munroshoes.com


"Made in Maine, USA" isn't just their slogan, it's Eastland's way of life. And it's been that way since 1955. These shoes are the embodiment of Maine, and a beautiful sight for the casual shoe lover. www.eastlandshoe.com

Jen and Kim

We love this business because not only was it founded by two young women who have known each other since grade school and live on opposite ends of the country, but because each shoe is custom made to your taste. Choose your style, materials and size to begin the process. Their mission is to increase domestic production. www.jenandkimshoes.com

Calleen Cordero

A combination of earthy and modern, Cathleen Cordero is "out to prove that hand crafted luxury can be made in the U.S.A.". We love this collection out of California. www.calleencordero.com


Salpy shoes may have kind of a funny name, but all aspects of their manufacturing and design are done right in Southern California. Founded by a husband and wife team, there isn't much not to love about these beauties. www.salpy.net

From the beach to the runway, American made heels and shoes can help you conquer pretty much any situation in comfort and style. It’s in our constitution, as patriots and as women to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And that includes happy feet.

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Best Mid-Priced Heel Brands

When shopping for high heels, it might not be best to break the bank. Who knows what drink spill, mud puddle or latte froth drop might be looming in your immediate future? Lucky for us there are plenty of mid-priced heel options for shoe lovers. The less a pair costs, the more you can buy, right? But you don't exactly want to be buying the cheapest off-brands, either. You just won't get the same life out of the cheapest shoe lines, and they're more likely to make your feet ache. Take a peek at the list below for some stylish mid-priced options and spend your leftover cash on a latte!

Jessica Simpson ($40 to $250)

Sweet, sexy, fun and cute can describe the Jessica Simpson line of shoes. The brand matches the women herself. Available in a wide range of fun colors and styles, this is a pick that is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. Found almost everywhere from Department stores to TJ Maxx to online shoe shops, if you need a quick shoe fix try a pair of Jessica Simpsons.


Sam Edelman ($90 to $200)

If you’re not familiar with the Sam Edelman brand, you might recall a few of his previous incarnations such as Sam & Libby, Kenneth Cole and Esprit - all serious fashion powerhouses through the last three decades. The Sam Edelman brand is bent on bringing fashion forward style to women at a price point they can afford, for not only shoes but handbags, outerwear and jewelry, too.


Dolce Vita ($95 to $250)

Uncomplicated style that is naturally flirtatious, this Italian brand makes a splash without cleaning out your bank account. Attention to detail and lots of mixed metals and textures make this footwear a favorite among the fabulous. Whether you are going for edgy or graceful (or both), make life sweet for your feet with Dolce Vita.


Guess ($30 to $250)

Founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, the Guess label has been emblematic of young, sexy and adventurous style. Known for some of the hottest denim on the globe, those same qualities hold true with the extensive shoe line. Loads of fun prints, mixed with metal butterflies, fur and feathers with a healthy dose of sex appeal make this a favorite for sure.


L.A.M.B. ($150 to $495)

Prefer your footwear fresh and funky? Check out L.A.M.B the fashion line from artist Gwen Stefani. The daughter of seamstresses, Stefani has become a major fixture in the fashion world. The L.A.M.B acronym stands for Love Angel Music Baby, her first album, and draws from influences from around the world. Let your inner rock star shine and your fashion "voice" be heard in a pair of pumps from L.A.M.B!


Chinese Laundry ($40 to $150)

Born in the 1980's, Chinese Laundry are creators of groundbreaking styles for young women with outstanding quality and value to match. The company prides itself on heavy consumer research and creative insight, which they credit for keeping the brand a household name for decades.


ALDO ($80 to $150)

Founded by Aldo Bensadoun, ALDO shoes have a look that helps the user protrude the feeling of uniqueness, and they're reasonably priced. You can find ALDO shoes everywhere from your local mall to the web, and always be sure to check out their clearance sections. At these prices, you can get one of ALDO's diverse looks for every day of the week and not break the bank.


Fergie Footwear ($70 to $190)

What's not to love about Fergie? She has been a success in a band, as a solo artist, a mother, and now a fashion designer. Fergie Footwear is nothing short of "Fergalicious", and you might find the song stuck in your head as you strut down the street in a pair of her remarkably designed high heels. Check them out at a store on on her website.


Steve Madden ($80 to $170)

Steve Madden states “I get my inspiration from pounding the pavement all over the world.” A huge brand globally this fashion forward line is inspired by rock and roll, a sexy edge and a global grasp. Wherever your party is on 5th Avenue or the neighborhood bar, Steve Madden makes a pair of awesome shoes to wear to it. Plus, Steve Madden makes a slew of rainwear, watches, handbags and more.

This handy little guide just goes to show you that you don’t have to skimp on style when pinching pennies. There are plenty of beautiful shoes to fit every sized foot and every sized wallet. So leave the spenders guilt at home and hit the pavement for another pair or two!

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Oscar Shoes: Our Picks for 2014's Leading Ladies

This Sunday marks the 86th annual Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars. We can't wait to sit around with our best girlfriends sipping champaign, eating finger foods and critiquing the fashions. At this point, we have no idea what Oscar's leading ladies will be wearing. Only the real insiders are privy to that info. But what we do know is what's on the cutting edge of shoe fashion, and if we had our way, all outfits would start and end with the shoe. So, without further ado, we give you our picks for the 2014 Oscar shoes.

The Nominees and the Shoes We'd Choose

Actress in a Leading Role

Amy Adams, American Hustle

We've loved Amy Adams in former roles like Enchanted and The Muppets, but American Hustle is a different character for her. In it, she is enlisted in a bribery scam where the would-be stripper from New Mexico plays an British upper-class woman. She does a fabulous job playing a dynamic role, which is why we've selected these dynamic, metallic chain-fringe sandals from Gianvito Rossi. 

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

A "victim" of a financial scandal involving her former husband, Jasmine (played by Blanchett) finds herself suddenly broke but in denial. She takes a flight, first class no doubt, to her sister's house in San Francisco, still clinging to her expensive rings and high fashion. For her character, we chose this snakeskin pointed toe pump from Alexander McQueen.

Sandra Bullock, Gravity

In a telescope space mission, Sandra Bullock's character plays a scientific engineer who, along with co-star George Clooney, is the victim of a terrible circumstance. After debris destroys their space shuttle, we find the two floating in space in a dazzling spectacle of filmography. One of the critiques of the film is that Bullock's hair doesn't free float as it really would in space, and for that reason we've selected these gravity-defying six-inch platform pump from Christian Louboutin.

Judi Dench, Philomena

Based on a true story, Philomena is about an elderly Irish woman, played by Dame Judi Dench, searching for the son she gave up for adoption as a teen. She plays a common middle class woman with former ties to the convent and a very utilitarian wardrobe. That's why we've chosen this staple black low-heel pump from Christian Louboutin. 

Judi Dench Oscar Shoes

Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Among a star-studded cast, Meryl Streep plays the matriarch of a family who has reconvened in Oklahoma to pay respects to the patriarch of the family, who died in an apparent suicide. Quarrels and revelations come into play in the dark comedy. For her nomination, we chose these snake-inspired numbers from Giuseppe Zanotti.

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Top 20 Designer High Heel Brands

A few times a year, we tune in to watch as our favorite stars and celebrities hit the red carpet for their night of showcase and honor. A night where we watch them accept awards and nominations for the best of the best in entertainment. We ooh and ahhh over what designer they’re wearing as they hit the red carpet, and in our head (or perhaps out loud) give our thumbs up or down of approval.

A big part of that 'yay' or 'nay' vote is the shoes. At least, it is for us. So, we've compiled a list of nominees for Top 20 Designer High Heel Brands. We've chosen one shoe that exemplifies each brand. Here goes.

Top Designer High Heel Shoe Brands

20. Burberry www.burberry.com | Founded in the mid 1800's, Burberry is one of the oldest designer fashion brands still hot on the market. These riveted check pumps are a pointed toe pump with classic Burberry check print, embellished by a brass buckle at the toe. Anyone with any shoe sense would be able to match up this shoe with its iconic brand. 

19. Alexander Wang www.alexanderwang.com | One of the youngest designers on our list, Alexander Wang is an American-born rising star whose downtown style draws inspiration from the 1990's grunge scene. These high heeled boots have 90's written all over them. A high heel doesn’t just have to stop at the heel. These black leather boots by Alexander Wang travel up your fashion forward legs, end with back knee cutouts, and accented with gold knee snaps. It’s a great high heel boot for all occasion; speaking success and style to all who watch.

18. Sophia Webster www.sophiawebster.com | A relatively new shoe designer, Sophia Webster has already seen tremendous success. These high heels embody all the gorgeous aspects of a fabulous shoe: glitter, glam, black, and a bow tie in front. Highlights your ankles perfectly. 

17. Sergio Rossi www.sergiorossi.com Sergio Rossi's philosophy was simple: "Think of a shoe, not as a superimposed ornament, but as the continuation of the body". This turquose, geometric patterned pump with a pink patent leather toe and a red patent leather heel embodies that statement.


16. River Island www.riverisland.com | Rihanna may have just announced she will launch a fashion line through River Island, but it's been a global fashion icon for years. This sophisticated ankle high heel looks fabulous all year long. It’s covered ankle boot style with a high heel is a combo made in heaven. The rich blue color shocks and awes, and will turn heads everywhere you go.


15. Yves Saint Laurent www.ysl.com | He started his career working under Christian Dior, and ended up one of the most iconic fashion designers in history. This ankle strap sandal, featuring black suede and gold metallic leather, exemplifies Saint Laurent's style, which Catherine Deneuve once said was for "women who lead double lives.” 

14. Prada www.prada.com | For the bold and the beautiful,. Prada’s silk beaded purple high heel has intricate beading, height, and glam. With an ankle strap that secures your heel’s sexiness, it can be worn at a fab event, a night out on the town, or down the red carpet. 

13. Dolce & Gabbana www.dolcegabbana.com | Shoe Gods Dolce & Gabbana are an Italian fashion house with a highly recognizable name by most fashionistas. With this heel, they incorporate the historic art for of baroque into a black high heel. The gold scripted art with font strap provides a beautiful, elegant shoe for the most elegant of occasions. 

12. Manolo Blahnik www.manoloblahnik.com | Manolo Blahnik was already an international, award-winning fashion brand before Sex and the City made it a household name. Putting 50 Shades of Grey to shame, this shoe’s sexy grey style, cutouts, heights, and sophistication make this heel our choice for the list. Great to wear to the workplace, in the board room, or a day out shopping for the top trends in high fashion.

11. Jimmy Choo www.jimmychoo.com | Jimmy Choo is known for his eye-catching dramatic designs, loved by all, worn by only the bold. These purple feathered high heels have double ankle straps for extra drama; just leading your eyes to the exotic feather tassels in the front of this stunning shoe. The photo doesn’t do this regal purple shoe justice.

10. DKNY www.dkny.com | Once in a while we need to step away from the glitz and glam of our favorite designer heels and wear something a bit more, low key? If you’re looking to do this; then the more simple, yet just as fabulous high heel by DKNY will do that for you. A great neutral brown for all seasons, this heel acts as a default when you still want to be stylish but keep a low profile.

9. Miu Miu www.miumiu.com | Born out of the Prada family, Miu Miu is a high fashion brand this list should not overlook. This shoe highlights neutral glam just the way we like it: mauve colored suede shoes with front straps and peep toes. The glittery gold back and heels steal the show as you strut your stuff to your red carpet event.

8. Valentino www.valentino.com | Valentino Garavani is a historic fashion icon who definitely makes our list with his black ankle high heeled boots. This shoe can take a cute little black dress in a completely different direction. Wrapped from ankle to tow with studded straps, this modern shoe turns heads and takes names.

7. Alexander McQueen www.alexandermcqueen.com | McQueen is known for his ability to mix strength with fragility. This white high heel exemplifies this, with elegance and a clean, sleek fashion statement. A white high heel that can be worn again and again at an array of occasions.

6. BCBGMAXAZRIA www.bcbgmaxazria.com | Elegance and femininity meets high fashion at BCBG. This shoe is stunning with an elegant lattice style, complete with gold heel stems. These little numbers would be beautiful for any spring event, including a wedding.

And the Top Five High Heel Shoe Designers...

5. Badgley Mischka www.badgleyandmischka.com | American fashion designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka have had great brand recognition through the years. In 2006, Sharon Stone replaced Mary Kate and Ashley Olesen as the spokesmodel. Then, their dress was worn by Charlotte York on Sex and the City. These shoes are one of our favorite styles most recently seen amongst brides and bridesmaids alike. Fun and frilly, this shoe speaks beauty, elegance, and chic perfection.

4. Aperlai www.aperlai.com | Alessandra Lanvin (married to a descendant of the famed Lanvin fashion house) is the creator of Aperlai, a red-carpet favorite. Aperlai is known for providing us with the freshest of high fashion, and this in-season mint heel is no exception. This shoe has the classiness of a sleek black high heel, the trendy mint color, and professional style, allowing you to wear this high heel anytime, anywhere.

3. Brian Atwood www.brianatwood.com | Nude high heels can get boring quite easily. But not this style by shoe legend Brian Atwood. Atwood is known for his playful and even flashy style, with heels that strike the perfect balance of "too much" and high fashion. Nude and black sophistication go hand in hand with these heels, creating a bold and daring high heel that everyone loves. Destined to continually top the shoe charts year after year.

2. Kate Spade www.katespade.com | Kate Spade is a New York based designer who started her career with handbags and now is a fashion staple for a multitude of items. Every woman needs a pair of basic black high heels. Kate Spade (as usual) goes the extra high heeled mile and brings us a classic black heel that can be worn anytime, anywhere and will never lose it’s timeless, fashionable elegance. A staple for every woman who has a love of shoes and fashion.

1. Christian Louboutin www.christianlouboutin.com | Are you seeing red more frequently on the soles of your favorite red carpet heels? That's Christian Louboutin's signature style jumping out at you. Louboutin is a favorite Parisian designer whose shoes top all sorts of lists. Louboutin’s “ Cinderella” high heel brought tears to many when this style was released. It was designed with love, inspiration, and the hope that every woman would feel like a princess in these. Intricately decorated with crystals, beading, and butterflies, this shoe is one that will never lose it’s place in fashion history. It surpasses all standards and is fit for a princess. We’re obsessed. 

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