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Trendwatch 2013: Ankle Strap Heels

There’s something sensual about the high heeled shoe that we just can’t seem to crack. Yet, we’re obsessed. For decades, this shoe style is one that exudes sexiness, style, and fashion. So, when we take the legendary “it” factor of the heel and pair it with an ankle strap style, we have the top shoe style of 2013. Aside from the fact that this style of shoe fits every style and body type, we’ve found other reasons that make this shoe style a #1 style in (our humble, fashionable opinion).

Why is the Ankle Strap Heel the "It" Shoe of 2013? 

Ankle Security and it's Sexy.  

Picture this: You’re walking down the street looking fabulous and suddenly—oomph! --- your heel (without the sexy ankle strap) suddenly fails you, either falling off your foot, or causing you to stumble. Who hasn’t had this happen to them? If you're prone to these types of ankle twisting mishaps, the ankle strap heel might be for you. Heel styles like pumps, slide ins, or wedges without straps are so cute, but they do not come with what we like to call “ shoe security”. The ankle strap heel allows you to have that added foot comfort and security so you don’t have to worry about incurring foot or ankle problems. Dance the night away, power walk to that job interview, or do the “Carrie Bradshaw” trot down 5th Avenue without worrying about your fabulous footwear failing you.

Getting married? This is a great style for brides and bridesmaids alike to wear; as it gives security for the long day ahead of you while also serving as a stunning shoe style for your entire bridal party.

Leaner Legs.
Admit it, as women, we always strive for a leaner, slimmer, and longer figure. This shoe style is perfect for that. The high heel shoe serves as an accessory in itself, often having feminine patterns or trendy colors that give some trendy “pop” that draws attention to those fabulous ankles and heels of yours. But when you add the trendy style of the ankle strap to this shoe, it gives an illusion we just can’t get enough of. 

Celeb Approved.

As with most fashion trends and styles, they originate from a celebrity in the spotlight wearing this style at some fabulous gala or premiere. Late last year at the Teen Choice Awards, we witnessed Hollywood’s most popular ladies strut their stuff down the red carpet in ankle strapped heels. Stylists spotted this new trend and instantly incorporated it into the most fabulous ensembles that inspired and drove fans to purchase these goddess-worthy heels for themselves.  These shoes are worn by celebrities of all ages—from young Disney divas like Miranda Costgrove and Selina Gomeze, to seasoned trend veterans like Sandra Bullock and Jessica Simpson.

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When to Wear Ankle Strap Heels

When adopting the latest fashion trend, one might ask—when is the right time to wear these shoes!? Good question. The beauty of this style is that they can be worn at various events, depending on the style, color, and height chosen. Choose an ankle strapped heel with an open toe for a night out with the girls; a covered ankle strapped heel for an event or meeting or interview; and break out the ankle strapped wedges for a weekend out at the Hamptons. Worn beautifully with a high-low dress, these shoes elongate, turn heads, and show off your fabulous style.

The ankle strapped heel and all of it’s fabulousness isn’t strutting off the red carpet or runaway anytime soon. Choose the style that best fits your wardrobe, style, and budget and have fun wearing them. We've created a Pinterest Board of our favorite Ankle Strap Heels. Check them out!


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