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Clickless Approved by Real Moms Real Views

Silent in Stilettos - Crissa from Real Moms Real Views had a chance to play with Clickless for Stilettos - check out her full review here.

"Clickless recognizes that there are a lot of times when your loud heels are distracting, not sexy.  Picture an airport.  That is a lot of clicks to get to the plane.  Picture church.  Clicking in the middle of someone talking, distracting.  Everyone turns and looks at you coming in late.  Picture the office.  No one wants to hear you frequent trips to the copy room."

"I always have a problem with my heels wearing down.  I take my shoes in to get fixed often.  Clickless is also a resolution for worn heels!  Just look at this picture.  The shoe on the left has the Clickless heel cap on it and the shoe on the right just had the heel replaced.  See!  There really isn’t that much of a difference!"

GREAT NEWS!  Today Clickless is giving Real Moms readers 25% off!  Use the code "realmom" until November 25, 2012.  That is less than $10 for two pairs of Clickless!  Awesome!  Can you say stocking stuffers!?

Clickless High Heel Protectors

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