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How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

You love your high heels. They make you look like the fashionable career woman you are, and the height boost isn't bad either. But do you find yourself a little extra grumpy on the days you wear them? If your high heels make your feet hurt, it can really affect your mood. But, beauty is pain, right? Maybe not. There are a few proven tips and tricks to help make your current heels more comfortable. Try these on for size!

1. Buy the Right Size

This might seem "obvi", but heels that are even a touch too large or small can affect your comfort. Small heels create areas of pressure and can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you have any foot swelling due to heat or change in elevation. Heels that are too large can cause rubbing and blisters. So, it's of utmost important that your heels fit properly. This may mean that it's better to put those "half-size too big" kicks back on the clearance rack.

2. Stick to Round Toes

Pointed toe heels seem to come in and out of fashion, but if you have frequent problems with uncomfortable heels, it's best to avoid the pointed or oddly shaped toes. Round-toed heels are more contoured to the natural shape of your toes, thus are bound to extend the amount of time you can wear those heels.

3. Break Them In

You know your favorite old pair of heels, the really comfortable ones? Yeah, that didn't happen overnight. When you buy a cute new pair of heels, it's always tempting to wear them out immediately. Hold up, cowgirl. If you have frequent problems with foot comfort when wearing heels, try easing your way in. Don't go out and wear them to a four hour event or a full work day. Start with walking around the house for an hour or wear them to the grocery store to break them in slowly.

4. Tread Lightly, Girlfriend

We know, we know. You're always in a hurry. But if you are able to slow down and use your leg muscles more as you step, you'll have more control and less weight will fall on those aching feet of yours. Another tip is to take smaller steps. Larger steps put more pressure on your feet and can cause those aches and pains.

5. Get Them Stretched

If you've bought a pair of heels that is too small in a certain area, consider having them stretched to make them more comfortable. There are services online that can professionally stretch your shoes, which we'd recommend if you really love them (and they cost enough to justify this additional expense). There are also ways to stretch them at home, such as putting a sandwich bag of water in them and putting them in the freezer.

6. Use an Insole

There are two basic options when buying an insole. You can purchase a regular "one-size-fits-all" insole, typically made of gel, that conforms to your foot. You can also consider a custom foot insole from a local company who will custom mold it to your foot. The only caveat to this is that the insole could alter the fit of the heel, potentially shifting the hot spots to different areas and not solving the underlying issue.

7. Tape Your Feet

There is a strange trick that we've heard works to make your high heels more comfortable. Apparently, taping your third and fourth toes together not only prevents toe rubbing but makes the shoes more comfortable overall. If you try it, please let us know how it works. Here is an article about taping your toes for high heels.

8. Be Clickless

Now you know we couldn't overlook this one. The Clickless for Stilettos system was designed to prevent the annoying clicking sound that your high heels make. But, an unforeseen benefit of Clickless is that they make high heels more comfortable. Just ask our founder, who is 8 months pregnant and still wears her heels. The heel cap and sole pads soften your step and help you to glide through your day pain-free. Buy Clickless today.

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