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10 Famous Celebrity High Heel Moments

There are so many memorable fashion moments in history, but how often are we actually remembering the shoes that go along with those moments? We'd like to pay a tribute to a few of the more memorable celebrity high heels in the recent (and not-so-recent) past. If we had the chance, we'd give a pair of Clickless for Stilettos to each one of these women and their fashion coordinators.

How can we forget the famous Carrie Bradshaw wedding dress and accompanying head bird? But did you ever get a look at her shoes as she's running away? Kudos to Sarah Jessica Parker for running in those things with what we're guessing is ten pounds of dress bundled up in her arms.

Whether you prefer the classic or the Charlie's Angels redux of today, there's no denying that the angels have some damned good gams. And, my, what cute shoes they have! We bet a pair of Clickless for Stilettos would help the angels be a little more stealth when they're going undercover... not to mention make them a bit more comfortable when they're kicking some ass. Charlie, call us!  

Slippers of glass. Are you kidding me? They might sound good in theory, but Prince Charming really should consider Cinderella's comfort, safety and the racket she'll be making as she dances all over the ballroom. Try Clickless for Stilettos, 
Mr. Charming! 

Ah, yes. How can we forget one of the most famous fashion films of our generation! We think Andy might have had a better time bustling around New York City in stilettos looking for the Harry Potter manuscript if she'd had a pair of Clickless to protect those pricey accessories.

You better shape up! Sandra Dee sure turned up the "wow" factor in Grease when she slipped on a black leather ensemble with red lipstick and heels to match. We love it as much as Danny Zuko. 

Here's where the famous duo of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts began. There are so many great fashion moments from this film. We have to think if old Vivian had a pair of Clickless as she strolled through the hotel in those boots, she might have attracted fewer looks.


What's not to love about blue hair? It screams "fun", but the shoes scream "sexy". Miss Perry sure loves her fashion, and we're sure there'll be plenty more memorable moments in her future.


Oh, Gaga. You never cease to amaze us. We're not sure how comfortable these stilettos are (hence, she is sitting), but we admit we've seen her wear crazier things. Gaga, we'd send you ten pairs of Clickless for Stilettos on the house if you keep on keepin' on pushing the fashion envelope.


This gal looks great in just about anything, and is not afraid to go super tall with her stilettos. Rhianna has had no shortage of memorable fashion moments, but we like this look from her in the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire.


Toni Braxton sure made headlines at the 2001 Grammy Awards with this little number. It seems she was going with the "less is more" theory, including her shoes. Not many people could pull off a look like this, but somehow the girl made it work! We bet those shoes weren't cheap, either. Toni, if you're reading, you can protect your high heels with a pair of Clickless. Call us, girl!


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