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How Have You Helped a Fellow Woman This Week?

The Chec-American Diplomat and Politician known for a long and distinguished career also knows of what she speaks. Her strongly worded quote, while perhaps not the most encouraging, can be used as a reminder that as women we have an obligation to help each other. There are so many facets to gender inequality that it can be absolutely dizzying, so a good way to refocus is to think of the small, everyday things that women have done for you that have made a difference in your life.

When has a women done something nice for you? Of course you remember what it was and what it meant to you, no matter how small. Do it for another woman, and then do it again.

Small Ways for Women to Help Women

  • Face-time, for real: Studies show that reaching out to a friend/relative/ acquaintance each day will make you happier, so make that person a female. That could be a phone call or spending some time together. Emails, texts and Facebook posts don’t count.
  • Notes: Flashback to middle school. What was it like to receive a note on that white paper with blue lines? Did you feel a sense of excitement and inclusion? If you hear about a woman you know or think of her during the day, write it on a note card and send it to her in the mail. It’s a small act, but one that goes miles, literally.
  • Volunteer with a women’s organization: Do a google search of women’s organizations in your area and you will hit the jack-pot. Depending on the mission of the organization, many prefer to work with female volunteers. You could become a mentor, aid in a micro-finance group, or simply grocery shop for a domestic violence shelter. Your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated.
  • Share a Memory: Do you have an old friend that you greatly cherish but have perhaps lost touch with? Reach out to your special friend to say a quick hello and share a memory that makes you smile. It's like #tbt, but in real life.
  • Hold the Door: Why does this always have to be one directional? We women should go out of our way to do little things like this.
  • Pay it Forward: In line for Starbucks or the dry cleaners? Pay for the female in line behind you. It will have lasting effects on their day.
  • Let's Do Lunch: Make way in your busy schedule to buy lunch for your friend or co-worker. Want to take it a step further? How about a ladies' night out?

Once you put your mind to it, you can brainstorm lots of examples of how you can help another woman. Many times it’s something we do almost unconsciously like a smile in passing or a door held ajar. Think about what a difference it has made in your life and how you can continue reaching out to other women. That sounds better than hell, doesn’t it? 


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