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Why Should You Take Steps to Protect Your High Heels?

You know that moment when your outfit has almost completely come together and you are looking fabulous? And you're like:

And then you go to grab the final piece of your ensemble (your high heels), only to find that they're tattered and torn with busted up heels? And you're like:

Avoidance of this face is exactly why you should take steps to protect your high heels and stilettos from damage. Your shoes can make or break your entire look, leaving you exuding confidence or laziness... your choice.

Taking a few minutes to put a little love into your favorite high heels can not only ensure you are looking your best, it can help you avoid stress and, most importantly, prevent you from shelling out more money for heels. Women spend anywhere from $30 to $1,000 on each pair of high heels they purchase, and some women have quite large collections. Why allow damage to these priceless possessions, especially when their style is so timeless? Take these steps to protect your high heels.

How to Protect Your High Heels

  1. Waterproof Them - If your shoes are made of leather, find an appropriate protectant and waterproofer to ensure you don't incur damage from weather. Any non-silicone spray or solution that is made for leather should work. Keeping them waterproofed also prevents stains from mud, oil and other grime you encounter on a day to day basis. If your shoes aren't made of leather, they are often made of a material that is already waterproof, so you may just want to find an appropriate conditioner to keep that material looking as good as new.
  2. Wash Them - Don't have a knight in shining armor to lay his jacket down at every puddle you encounter? Not to worry, that only exists in fairy tales. If you get oil, grime, lipstick, dirt or other undesirables on your kicks, don't panic. But you should try to wash them as soon as you have a free moment. Just take a cloth and leather cleaner and scrub as needed. Once they're dry, reapply the waterproofer.
  3. Repair Any Damage - If you've been walking over uneven or gravel surfaces of late, your shoes may have chips or cracks. If you're really unlucky, your heel could even snap. Not to worry, shoes can be repaired by a cobbler. This solution is obviously more suitable for pricey high heels vs. discount, off-brand ones. In either case, don't wait too long to get your heels repaired. 
  4. Wear Protectors - You could also make a small investment in your heels (we're talking less than $4 a pair) and purchase high heel protectors. They consist of a color-matching heel cap to protect your heel from damage, as well as a sole pad which softens your step. At this price, it's worth buying a few in bulk to have on hand when you buy new heels. They also make great gifts for bridal events and even stocking stuffers!

That moment when you find just the right heels in your closet and they look fabulous because you've taken care of them.

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