Heel to Toe
10 Ladies Night Themes That Don't Include Beads or Bars

If you have a handful of lady friends you know that it doesn't take a lot to have a great time together.  Two for one drinks and stale taquitos do have their merits however some aspects of the standard ladies night theme tends to get a little worn over time.  Here are ten ladies night themes that don’t include bars, beads or even serious shopping.

Spa Night

Get some friends together for facials, foot soaks, manicures and pedicures. There is no shortage of over-the-counter products or find an all-natural recipe on the internet and try your hand at whipping up a facial mask. Enjoy a night of nurturing and rejuvenation. Remember, ladies only, and hold the camera, no pictures please!

Champagne Flights

The French flight takes off at 7:00pm sharp! No passport required. What’s a more wonderful treat than some bubbly with friends? So many to taste and so little time! You could do tastes by region, pink champagnes, or sparkling wines, even non-alcoholic for those who do not imbibe. Let your imagination run wild.

Oscar Party

Films aside, this is really an excuse to dish on celebrities and discuss how they are dressed. Oscar parties are fun and all you need is a TV, some simple appetizers and your friends. Cast ballots and see how they match up with the real winners; those with the best picks get to go home with a little gold man.

Vinyasa & Vino

Most yoga studios will have information on private lessons in your home, or even a different location like an event space or park. You could also tune into a number of DVD’s or online resources to lead a yoga class for close friends. After your mind and body has unwound, unwind everything else with a nice glass of wine.

She's Crafty

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to enjoy a simple craft with friends. You will be surprised at how fun and relaxing a creatively infused evening can be. Keep it simple. Try painting flower pots and plant paper white bulbs to enjoy a winter bloom indoors! Again, the internet is full of clever ideas for using recyclables or other household items that you can easily transform.

Plus One

Try this for a holiday party, book club, or really any gathering will suffice. Each attendee is required to bring one girlfriend. It’s really fun and a great way to meet new people and expand the social circle. Try a white elephant gift or other party game to encourage mingling. 

Clothing Swap

An event best spent with closer friends. Invite people to bring clothes they would otherwise donate and then swap amongst your friends! Easy and entertaining, brainstorm awards for the most 80’s ensemble or prom theme; the possibilities are endless and you might wind up with a new outfit or two!

Book Exchange

The concept is similar to the clothes swap but with fewer wardrobe changes. Attendees bring books that are ready for a new home and trade amongst themselves. Add a pot of soup, rustic bread and some warm drinks and this makes for a cozy evening.

Coordinated Dinner

Pick a dinner item -- pizza, burrito, salad or calzone -- and each attendee brings an ingredient. You can also assign a side, drinks or dessert and have a fun night creating your dinner! It’s an easy plan to commit to and people can take home the leftovers as a party favor. 

Movie Night

It doesn’t take a lot of supplies to have a blast watching chick-flicks with your girlfriends. Some healthy popcorn, nachos and a hunk of chocolate is all it takes. Try one of these 30 chick flicks or one of your personal favorites. 

Ladies night together doesn’t have to require a morning-after Advil or even a heavy hit to the wallet. A little creativity can go a long way and your friends will love you for it!

Clickless High Heel Protectors

The Art of High Heel Walking

Marilyn Monroe was quite right when she claimed that all women owe a lot to the person who invented high heels. Ask most women and they’d tell you that they cannot function without their heels. It's not just those wanting a little elevation, although that's certainly a factor. High heels can offer class, confidence and character to any woman wanting to look effortlessly fabulous. But effortless is one thing that high heels are not.

You may beg to differ based on how easily Beyonce sways on stage or how Jennifer Lopez does jumps and lunges in her music videos wearing stilettos. But the fact is, high heel walking is an art, one that requires tactics and practice to master. Following are a few tips and tricks to help you make strong personality statements by walking tall in high heels:

Buy the Right Heels

In order to wear the heels correctly, the first thing you need to nail down is the right purchase. A lot of times people end up compromising on size simply to get their desired look, however, high heel walking is greatly affected if the heels don’t fit perfectly. Make sure that the centering of the heel and your foot’s arch placement are correct. This may seem like a small glitch, but in the long run it can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

Choose The Right Heel Height

Effortless high heel walking for you might mean 2-3 inches, whereas someone else might consider heels above 4-5 inches doable. Don’t let someone else determine the right heel size for you. Always start with shorter heels and then increase the size with time. A good way to determine the most comfortable heel size is to stand on your toes with the back of your foot at least an inch above the heel of the shoe; if you can easily do that then the heel is the right size for you. High heel walking is all about practice and time. With practice you can gradually increase the size of your heel to as long as is practically possible. You may find that you need to purchase shoes with broader heels or wedges at first as they are easier to handle.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Now that you have understood the level of your high heel walking incompetence and found the right pair of heels, it is time to get down to business. Follow these steps and you will be gliding in 6 inch heels in no time!

  • Start by standing in your heels. Stand for a few minutes and then sit down. Gradually increase the time to about 40-50 minutes so that you can get used to standing for prolonged periods of time. Try standing in front of a full length mirror so that you can observe your posture and adjust it accordingly. Be sure not to bend your knees while standing.
  • Take small steps at first at a slow pace on a non-slippery surface like a carpet. The stride tends to get shorter with higher heels, so don’t try to take long strides initially. Make sure that your knees don’t bend too much.
  • Gradually increase the speed and practice turning, sitting, stopping, changing directions and dancing as you would do all these things without heels.
  • Try wearing heels on different surfaces inside the house as well as outside. Many people only practice at home and then cannot hold the same stride and posture when wearing heels outdoors. High heel walking is even more difficult on outdoor surfaces like grass and gravel, so make sure that you practice on them too.
  • It is very important to learn walking on stairs with the heels on. Make sure that your entire foot is on the step when coming down the stairs. When going up, place the ball of your foot on every step, and don’t forget to hold on to the railing!
  • It is a good idea to practice several days before the event so that the sole of the heels will become less slippery and you can get used to the shoe.
  • One of the best ways to practice high heel walking is to wear them when you go out to do normal errands like buy groceries, after you’ve had ample practice indoors, of course. Generally the floors are a little slippery, but you will have the cart for balance, so it will be a great way to practice.

Whether it is the red soles of Loub’s, Carrie Bradshaw’s fetish for Blahnik’s or sheer love that's got you hooked to heels, with regular practice and determination, you, too can “run the world” like Beyonce in no time!

Clickless High Heel Protectors