Heel to Toe
Fall for These 15 High Heel Booties

Winter is in the air and you don’t want your feet left out in the cold! Treat your feet to one of these high heel booties that have us completely head-over-heels.

Laulani Peep Toe Booties


The Laulani from Nine West is a beauty. The suede booties are offered in three colors: natural, black and the trendy wine. This pair can walk you right through fall into winter. With stylish cut-outs, they offer a padded insole for all-day comfort and a 3 and 3/4 inch heel. At $99, our wallet likes them too!

Fawn Ankle Boots


We are seriously fawning over the Fawn Ankle Boots from Michael Kors! The Fawn comes in Camel Suede and Kid Black Suede. Both are accented with Vachetta leather and gold buckles. There is a darling logo detail at the rear of the boot and the heel is 3 and 1/4 inches high. The bootie shaft is taller at 6 inches which makes us want to pull them over our favorite pair of jeans.

Raquel Point Toe Bootie


Vince Camuto brings serious sex appeal with the Raquel. Add definition to a flowing top or shift dress with the pointy toe Raquel. High in style, they come in Wild Mushroom and Black; you might need both colors.



Aldo’s Grewia is an interesting name for an awesome shoe. Ankle laces add allure, and you can lace them down with pants or higher up the calf with skirts. With an almond, peep toe and 4 inch heel it will soon be your go-to. Now on sale for $64.98.



Say yes today to Nine West’s Yesday. These suede booties boast a metallic 4” stiletto heel that shines with the right amount of fierce. With a flattering almond toe and an easy side zip you will be saying "yes" to the Yesday day and night.



The Layita from Bandolino has all the style a fashionista would need. The nice metallic buckle adds an edge and they come in black, white, brown and grey. With 2 and 3/4 inch heels, these (not too) high heel booties were made for walking.



Who doesn’t love Free People, especially the sweet Satellite bootie. Little details like a metallic brushed stiletto heel add glam while the suede outer keeps this pair grounded. Offered in black and garnet suede.



Jeffrey Campbell brings us this sharp shooting bootie. Half suede, half leather, it is literally the best of both worlds. A lace-up bootie with a turn-down cuff? Say no more. The Sarkli comes in black box/black suede as well as a striking pewter/black suede.



Carpe Diem or seize the shoe, this shoe. Bella Vita has brought us this darling swing fringe suede bootie. The fringe contrasts with the sweeping heel and the charming bow accent. Best of all, these are available in all sorts of fun colors like burgundy, eggplant and navy suede.



Sam Edelman’s Asher is a dream come true. Did we mention we love suede? And red? Well, this burgundy pair has got it all: peep toe, a lofty stiletto heel, lace-up accents and a gold zipper accent has us swooning. A tall cozy shaft means your ankles stay toasty warm.



Calvin Klein’s Georgia suede bootie is stylish and chick. With clean lines and modern cutouts, it features a 3 ½ inch heel topped with a gold logo detail. The colors are gorgeous: a bone-like cocoon and soft black suede.

Hampton Heels

Hampton Heels

The Hampton Heels from Dolce Vita are straight up made for long nights on the dance floor. With an arresting 4 and 1/4 inch heel and attractive lace detailing, these booties will go the distance. Available in black leather.

Lange Mid-Heel


Also known as the Grommet Day Ankle Bootie from BCBG Max Azria, this pair is covered in grommets. The silver metallic gives this luscious bootie an edge. Made out of black vachetta leather and metal grommets, you are sure to turn heads with the Lange. Pairs well with short shorts and an attitude.



Steve Madden’s Cavalier has got a scrunch shaft with a playful drawstring. The towering 4 and 3/4 inch stiletto heel keeps it sophisticated while a peep toe makes things interesting. Available in burgundy, camel and black. These are currently available for pre-order only.



The Abbie Bootie from Sam Edelman has a vintage edge. The bootie is cloaked in a woven finish that appears lace-like and also features ghillie laces. The laces and peep toe add a girlish flair. Available in black and nude.

Bonus: The Alannah


The Alannah Over-the-Knee boot by BCBG technically falls into the boot category, but we couldn’t leave this hot pair out in the cold. Over-the-knee is huge for fall and the Alannah fits the bill perfectly. Crafted out of snake embossed leather, the pointed toe and stiletto heel will keep your winter walk on point.

This line-up offers a lot to love. From the deepest burgundy suede to flashy gold accents these high heel booties are worth falling for! 

Clickless High Heel Protectors

Shoe Repair 101

It is important to take care of your shoes. If you do get a scuff, snag or worse, a little shoe repair lesson can come in pretty handy. A girl doesn’t want to get caught without her favorite pair, so take shoe repair into your own hands with these helpful tips.

Simple Scuffs

There are lots of easy shoe repair fixes for the simple scuff. Water and salt from ice melt can wreak havoc on shoes. When this happens, look no further than the kitchen. A mixture of water and white vinegar can get the crusty salt marks off. If they are especially stubborn try this treatment two or three times.

Patent leather can reclaim its shine with a little bit of Windex. Leather shoe scratches can be buffed out with a tiny bit of moisturizer.

Clean dirt off suede by rubbing shoes with a stale crust of bread. If your suede shoes are more than just dirty and are beyond home remedy, try a cleaning kit such as the suede shoe care kit from our friends at Foot Fitter. The combo restores suede, cleans and eliminates shiny spots. This product can also be used on hand bags, boots and clothes.

Moderate Malfunctions

Some shoe repair issues will need a little more than a spray and a buff. Waterproofing a canvas pair of kicks can be achieved with beeswax. There are also some specialty waterproofing products out there (again, see Foot Fitter) and when applied with care, your feet can be warm and dry all day.

Broken straps may be repaired with a tactful application of shoe glue. Shoe adhesive can be found at most drug stores and super glue would work in a pinch. First, carefully clean the area and snip off any stray threads. Then, apply glue to both pieces and let it set for two minutes. Lastly, press pieces together and clamp to hold, a clothespin or paperclip works great. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

Gravel, rough surfaces and natural wear and tear can really do some damage to your heel tips. These little heel tips help you protect them in advance if you have the foresight, extend the life of heels showing wear and tear, and even fix heels beyond repair.

When To Seek Help

You might find it worth the time to simply seek out a shoe repair. Make sure to take all pieces of the broken heel with you to the cobbler. The same holds true for a split heel, if you want a repair job to stand the test of time, go to a professional. 

Fix a scuff, strap and more with these simple tips and keep yourself on your toes, in your favorite shoes. 

5 Ways to Wear Pants with Heels

It is a puzzle trying to figure out which style of pants look best with which heels. From skinny jeans to a party to trousers for work, there are a few keys to wearing pants with heels and looking fabulous. In an effort to try to take the guess work out of your style game, here is a handy little cheat sheet.


We love the flattering look of a skinny jean or skinny pants with heels. Our most elegant look is a skinny pant paired with an untucked shirt and a mid-height heel, say 2 inches or less. This look works best if the pant ends clean at the ankle bone, without any bunching.


The most important aspect of a trouser is that it is long enough. The leg of the trouser should be about 1” from the ground leaving the toe and heel visible. That said, the length should not be too long, bunching up or skimming the ground, which will simply ruin your pants.

We LOVE a long trouser with mega heels, a solid 3inch heel and even a platform will get you feeling extra fierce. A trouser pant with heels adds up to a formidable statement look that is very appropriate for job interviews and power lunches.


The mid-calf cut of a capri pant works well with a pointed toe mid-height heel. A fun look to play with for the summer season, this is professional enough to wear to work and afterwards this little number can do double duty at Happy Hour.

White denim

White denim and summer were just meant to be.  The combination of a stark white denim with a spikey nude heel is simply irresistible. You can mix it up with distressed denim, capri, or flared and you will look flawless when sporting a nude heel.


Pants with zippered hems are one of the best blast-from-the past 80’s holdbacks. The edgy detail is so fun and so perfect when worn with a tall heel; say a classic pointed toe pump with a 3 inch heel. Bonus, this look also works well with a jogger especially in a flowy silk.

No need to fret the pants with heels puzzle. The next time you go shopping for pants, remember this handy guide. You won’t need to lug around a bag full of shoes so you’ll find you have more energy for shopping. Style game strong!


Which States Wear High Heels the Most?

We love a good homework assignment, especially when it has to do with our favorite subject, high heels! We took a look at which states in the US wear high heels the most and we think that you’ll be surprised by the answers; it knocked our socks right off!

New York

The Big Apple is also big on fashion. Some consider it one of the fashion capitals of the world, and our data confirms that New Yorkers love their high heels! Nevermind the amount of trips uptown or downtown, New Yorkers love their heels and don't mind the trek.


Here's a surprise, but apparently Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati are big fans of big heels. Ohio is considered the "heart of it all", and it appears they <3 their heels. 


The largest state in the lower United States, the Lone Star State is not alone in its love for high heels. Texans are the 4th state where people wear heels the most. The capital of Texas is Austin which claims to be the live music capital of the world. The city boasts an impressive line-up of music festivals like SXSW and Austin City Limits. Festival go-ers must dress to the hilt and they don’t forget to rock their favorite pair of high heels when rocking out.


If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear the best high heels! With so many big fashionable cities under its belt, this one was no surprise to us. From beaches to wineries and mountains to urban landscapes, California has it all and there's no reason their feet shouldn't look top notch.


With Florida's dynamic demographics of young people and retirees, this one was an interesting revelation. But great weather often prompts equally great fashion, and Florida has some of the best of both. A cute maxi dress or flowy linen pants both look equally elegant and timeless with a classic pair of heels.

New Mexico

Located in the South Western part of the United State, New Mexico is known for its varied landscape and for its vibrant population. The state is home to dramatic mountains, canyons and sandy desserts. In the capital of Santa Fe one may find healing spas and Spanish architecture. There is also a lively arts and restaurant scene here. We think that the patrons must be well-heeled when they are enjoying their gallery walks and a haute cuisine because this is the state that wears high heels more than any other state.


Nevada residents must like to strut around in high heels. If you can imagine the population of show-girls on the Las Vegas strip, that would equal a high-heeled army. Not to mention the incredible shoe shopping that luxury casinos  have to offer. What is a girl to do with a pocket full of gambling winnings? Buy shoes! With warm temperatures year round, who doesn’t wear high heels in Sin City?


The “Grand Canyon State” comes in at the top as well. Though we admire Arizonans love of high heels, we certainly hope that no one is hiking around those canyons in them!  Also located in the South Eastern United States, Arizona is known for deep canyons, a warm dessert climate and the largest cacti in the country. One fun fact is that the state flower is the Saguaro cactus blossom. We would tuck one of those blossoms behind one ear and sport stiletto huaraches around Scottsdale.

There are the top states that wear heels the most. No matter what state you are in; don’t forget to celebrate your most fashionable self whether that is in high heels or not.

Our Favorite High Heel Shoe Stores

You know that we love shoes so we thought that we would share our favorite high heel shoe stores with you. When you need a quick foot fashion fix or you have the time to search for that coveted pair, here are our favorite haunts. Here are five online high heel shoe stores and five brick and mortar stores that we just know that you will flip for.

Retail High Heel Shoe Stores

For when you need a little retail therapy and have some precious spare time away from kids, school or work.


Honestly, we couldn’t love Aldo more. Pop into a store for a kicky pair of sneakers, sandals or a fierce pair of heels. Committed to the community, the Aldo Group actively supports YouthAids, War Child and the Cure Foundation. Spring 2016 they are rolling out a Personal Stylist program. Schedule a private shopping session at your local store and meet one-on-one with a stylist. http://www.aldoshoes.com/


DSW, which stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse is exactly that. A giant, well organized warehouse of gorgeous shoes, oftentimes designer brands are marked down with deep discounts. If this doesn’t entice you enough DSW offers a great rewards program for frequent shoppers. With over 400 stores nationwide, we love the convenience and the variety of this shoe super store. http://www.dsw.com/

Chinese Laundry

Started in 1981, Chinese Laundry has always been dedicated to beautiful footwear for young women. With three stores, and product lines in both Macy’s and Nordstrom’s, Chinese Laundry has grown to encompass seven brands. Always at the forefront of fashion, they are one of the most stylish high heel shoe stores and offer a refreshing variety of price points. http://www.chineselaundry.com/


Shoe lovers flock like homing pigeons to Nordstrom, and for good reason. Nordstrom always seems to have the best shoes before anyone else. Also, their sales are legendary and the return policy is generous. Nordstrom claims to help people have style, not just buy fashion, and they have been doing that for over 100 years. What’s not to love about Nordstrom? http://shop.nordstrom.com/

Famous Footwear

We love Famous Footwear because it is everywhere. With over 1,000 stores across the country, it is not just one of our favorite high heel shoe stores, they have lots of shoes for everyone on your list, men and kiddos can find great kicks there as well! http://www.famousfootwear.com/

Online High Heel Shoe Stores

For when you’d rather shop with your fingers and not your feet, there are a number of delightful high heel shoe stores just a couple clicks away.

Sole Society

The Sole Society site is a favorite high heel shoe store, but offers so much more. Clothes, handbags and other accessories are in stylish abundance. With free shipping on orders over $50 and a live chat 24/7, this is a great resource for putting together that extra-special outfit. http://www.solesociety.com/


If you haven’t yet heard of Zappos, it is the online giant shoe retailer of the internet. They seem to carry every size and every brand so plan to spend a good amount of time browsing around. Quite frankly, the search filters are a little staggering. You can specify shoe type, size, style, color, material and much more. Once you join their rewards program you get free shipping and returns. http://www.zappos.com/

Shoe Dazzle

Shoe Dazzle offers interesting options for the shoe lover. There are two options, first, as a “Basic Customer” you can shop and buy as you please. The second option “VIP Membership” comes with a monthly charge of $39.95-which you can postpone, and you can shop each month and receive lots of fun perks. Sound intriguing? Try dabbling in the Dazzle. http://www.shoedazzle.com/

Shoe Buy

Shoe Buy is another online shoe super store that carries over 1,200 brands. With free shipping and returns, they pretty much promise to have exactly what you are looking for. They offer coupon codes and a rewards program, so if you’ve got frisky fingers give Shoe Buy a try. http://www.shoebuy.com/


Last but not least favorite, like the name suggests, heels.com is the ultimate online high heel shoe store. There are a few flats thrown in for fun, but this is your one stop shop for something high and pretty. The homepage has little videos of women walking around in high heels which are nifty if you are a first-time wearer or simply re-entering the high heel scene. http://www.heels.com/

It is clear that we simply love shoes and we love shopping for them. We hope that you love these stores and sites as much as we do, because you can never have too many pairs of high heel!