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The Perfect Gift for Fashionistas Under $15

If there's a very special fashionista in your life, youknow how difficult they are to buy for. Let's face it, if they want it, they'll get it for themselves. They don't want you to pick the color or brand. They have their mind set on it and they will make it theirs. So, where does that leave you when it comes to important times like holidays and birthdays? It leaves you on Santa's sleigh without the reindeer, that's where.

But there is a perfect gift for fashionistas under $15. If your lady or friend is a high heel aficionado, give her a gift that will blow her mind: Clickless for Stilettos & High Heels. Not only does this little gadget protect the heels from damage, it makes them click less, reducing that awful noise when she walks on hard surfaces. Clickless is the perfect stocking stuffer for teachers, lawyers, professionals and other fashionable types. She may have even seen Clickless on the Bethenney Frankel show, but you won't forget the look on her face when she opens those babies. And you certainly won't miss thesound those loud heels make.

Give Clickless heel protectors for just $12.95 for four pair. Perfect for:

  • Secret Santa
  • Gift Exchanges
  • Office Parties
  • Ladies' Gift Exchange
  • Your BFF
  • Your Girlfriend
  • Your Wife

... and anyone else in your life with a passion for shoe fashion. There's still time!

Clickless High Heel Protectors

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  • giftgift ideasgiftsholidayholidays