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  • Christian Louboutin Widens Spectrum with New Shades of Nude Heels
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Christian Louboutin Widens Spectrum with New Shades of Nude Heels


Christian Louboutin may be known for the red soles, but another color has brought the designer into headlines this month. Specifically, the shoe company has announced the release of multiple hues for “nude heels”, which have previously and globally been matched to white skin only.

The best message to come out of this story – one that’s long overdue – is that people of color can, on a wide scale, afford to spend $600 to $1,000 on a pair of high heels. The fact that it’s coming from one of the top designer high heel brands hopefully means that there will be a trickle down effect and this will be the new norm after some time.

Louboutin’s nude heels will come in five different shades that range from “fair blush” to “rich chestnut”.

Nude heels are a wardrobe staple, because they have a leg-lengthening effect, and they match just about anything. And now, women of all ethnicities can feel these benefits because they can get a pair to match their skin. Why this is just now happening in 2013 is beyond us, but we’re glad it is.

Not sure which color to pick? There’s even a Louboutin Shades app on the iTunes store.

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