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  • Clickless Used On Models for The Row Fashion Show
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Clickless Used On Models for The Row Fashion Show

Last week we shipped Clickless to The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's delightful fashion line. Their models used Clickless while debuting their 2013 Fall RTW collection in the luxurious rooms of a townhouse in New York's Upper East Side.  We're so happy the fashion industry is starting to notice Clickless and the many benefits they provide for high heel and stiletto wearers.

The thought of Clickless during New York's fashion week got us thinking about how our simple little product can help runway models and producers. Not only do they reduce the clicking noise of the heels on the runway, so the viewers can enjoy the music and focus on the fashion, they can make walking in heels more comfortable... even prevent those occasional slips!

What are some other famous runway falls? Here are a few.

Naomi Campbell fell on the runway wearing some rather tall high heels at the Vivienne Westwood Fall 1993 show. (Source: MarieClaire.com)

Poor Aygness Deyne was wearing Burberry platform shoes when she fell on the runway at Fashion Week 2010 at the Hati Relief Show. She was in good spirits, laughed at herself, and popped right back up. Only to fall again! She walked barefooted the rest of the way, later tweeting "ouch, my knees!" (Source: JustJared.com)

Jessica Stam, known for her fierce catwalk stride, had an unfortunate at Paris Fashion Week. She was wearing six inch leather heels at the Chloé Fall 2006 show when she tripped. She was clearly embarrassed but hopped right back up like a true professional. 

Looking at those gams, she sure had a longer way to fall than most of us! Milana Bogolepova fell at the Dior Resort show in 2008, and one of the fashion photographers caught a hilarious view of her bum. 

Lastly, here's a great compilation of famous runway falls. Enjoy. (But not too much. We usually try not to laugh at others' expense, but we can assure you that all of these models are okay!)

Clickless High Heel Protectors

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