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  • Wearing Heels at Sundance Film Festival
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Wearing Heels at Sundance Film Festival

As we wrap up another Sundance Film Festival, we'd like to reflect on the wide variety of fashion styles we encountered. Festivalgoers are, shall we say, an "eclectic" bunch. But there are always some fashion gems among them. And while wearing high heels isn't necessarily the norm at the wintry festival, this year was relatively snow-free, so the click, click, click of heels was heard all over town, from movies to after parties. We received amazing feedback on Clickless from women from all around the world. Next year, we expect to hear less clicking and more beautifully fashionable silence as our new Clickless customers walk, as usual, in style.

Our founder Nicole spent time with the many fashionistas on Main Street at Sundance 2013

Clickless High Heel Protectors

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