Heel to Toe
What's Your Wedding Shoe Style?

The spring and summer wedding season is fast approaching. Maybe you’ve been planning out every little detail for the past year, or perhaps you’re more of a “go with the flow” last-minute planner. There’s one detail no bride should overlook, and that’s her shoes. While many dresses hide a bride's shoes, it's always fun to pull up that dress and show them off. And there's no doubt in our minds that your shoes are a reflection of you, so do it up right, ladies!

Whatever your wedding shoe style, always be sure to add Clickless to your special day. Not only does Clickless silence and protect your heels, it makes them more comfortable. Hint: Clickless is a great bridesmaid's gift!

So, what's your wedding shoe style?

Chic Wedding Shoes

If you're often described as elegant, and would like your day to feel like something out of an issue of Marie Claire, you'll likely want to choose a high-end brand that fits your style vision for the day. 

Classic Wedding Shoes

If you're looking for a style that is more timeless, opt for a classic style of wedding shoe that is likely white, off white or nude. This is a great choice if you want to look back 10 years from now and not have the look seem too dated.


Colorful Wedding Shoes

Your wedding is a reflection of your personality, and you're clearly a colorful person. Choosing a bold color for your wedding shoes is a fun way to express yourself and bring a little life to your day. 

Floral Wedding Shoes

You're a sucker for girly things, aren't you? And who can blame you. Flowers can make anything better, from when your man messes up to when he kisses you on your big day.

Sexy Wedding Shoes

Heels are heels, right? Wrong. Some heels make your feet look drop dead sexy. If your day and style are a little more edgy, choose a sexy wedding shoe to match.

Shiny Wedding Shoes

It's your day, and you should be shining from head to toe. Whether that means shimmer or a shiny patent leather, shine on, you crazy diamond. 

Shabby Chic Wedding Shoes

If your perfect day involves a little lace and maybe some flowers, something nice but not too formal, perhaps you should choose a shabby chic style of wedding shoe.

Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Similar to the "shiny" category, sparkly shoes are for brides who want to sparkle and shine on their big day. It's how you feel, and your attire might as well show it.

Unique Wedding Shoes

So you're a unique fashion type? One of the brave ones who the rest of us envy for your boldness? Then, of course you'll be choosing a unique shoe type to match the one-of-a-kind style for your day. You go, girl.

 Vintage Wedding Shoes

Are you the type who reminisces of days of old? Are you wearing a ring or dress that is a family heirloom? Or perhaps vintage is just your style. Time to go thrift store shopping, Mrs. Macklemore. 

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Clickless Spring Stiletto Picks

Spring is just around the corner. At least, that's what we're hoping as we watch the snow fly out our window today. We've already seen some amazing spring stilettos on the runway. Here are some of our favorites thus far. 

(1) Tabitha Simmons Anne Floral Print with Metallic Leather and (2) Jimmy Choo Vero Patent & Metallic Leather:

(1) Manolo Blahnik BB Leopard Print and (2) Kors Michael Kors Cyprien Patent Leather Cork Heel:

(1) Jimmy Choo Anouk Perforated Suede and (2) Givenchy Patent Leather Zipper:

 (1) Diane von Furstenburg Adara Patent Leather Pump and (2) Christian Louboutin Angelique Satin & Chiffon Pump:

 (1) Brian Atwood Suede Pumps and (2) Fontanne Colorblock

 Alice&Olivia (1) Striped Canvas and (2) Watercolor

As always, don't forget to pair your favorite spring stilettos with Clickless for Stilettos, the #1 stiletto protectors

Clickless High Heel Protectors

Clickless Used On Models for The Row Fashion Show

Last week we shipped Clickless to The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's delightful fashion line. Their models used Clickless while debuting their 2013 Fall RTW collection in the luxurious rooms of a townhouse in New York's Upper East Side.  We're so happy the fashion industry is starting to notice Clickless and the many benefits they provide for high heel and stiletto wearers.

The thought of Clickless during New York's fashion week got us thinking about how our simple little product can help runway models and producers. Not only do they reduce the clicking noise of the heels on the runway, so the viewers can enjoy the music and focus on the fashion, they can make walking in heels more comfortable... even prevent those occasional slips!

What are some other famous runway falls? Here are a few.

Naomi Campbell fell on the runway wearing some rather tall high heels at the Vivienne Westwood Fall 1993 show. (Source: MarieClaire.com)

Poor Aygness Deyne was wearing Burberry platform shoes when she fell on the runway at Fashion Week 2010 at the Hati Relief Show. She was in good spirits, laughed at herself, and popped right back up. Only to fall again! She walked barefooted the rest of the way, later tweeting "ouch, my knees!" (Source: JustJared.com)

Jessica Stam, known for her fierce catwalk stride, had an unfortunate at Paris Fashion Week. She was wearing six inch leather heels at the Chloé Fall 2006 show when she tripped. She was clearly embarrassed but hopped right back up like a true professional. 

Looking at those gams, she sure had a longer way to fall than most of us! Milana Bogolepova fell at the Dior Resort show in 2008, and one of the fashion photographers caught a hilarious view of her bum. 

Lastly, here's a great compilation of famous runway falls. Enjoy. (But not too much. We usually try not to laugh at others' expense, but we can assure you that all of these models are okay!)

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Celebrity Moms in Stilettos


Pulling off this kind of style without children is one thing, but these moms make it look effortless! From celebrities with a bun in the oven to those with multiple wee ones, some celebs just can't give up their stilettos. And we absolutely love them for it!


Heidi Klum (source: usmagazine.com)

Jennifer Lopez (source: usmagazine.com)


Jessica Simpson (source: wetpaint.com)


Kate Middleton (source: usmagazine.com)

Katie Holmes (source: justjared.com)

Gwen Stefani (source: cloudreal.blogspot.com)

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Nude Stilettos: A Wardrobe Staple


From lips to pumps, nude is "the new red". We saw them often at the height of 2012's shoe fashion, and we expect the trend to continue. The versatility of nude stilettos is such that you can easily team them up with formal wear, or turn heads with your feet as you get down on the dance floor. Many women believe that, like red, nude is difficult to pull off. However, we are of the opinion that this is absolutely untrue. Like red, you simply need to find the right shade of nude for you!

Tips for Wearing Nude Stilettos

  • If you’re thinking of trying out the nude stilettos trend, we recommend that you try not to overdo the look. Try to steer clear of teaming up flesh toned dresses with nude pumps and then nude makeup. A dash of color would help break the monotone, unless of course you're aiming for a minimalist look.
  • If you are slightly shorter or apple body shaped, nude stilettos can give the illusion of longer legs. High heeled shoes already make your legs appear longer, but the added nude color blends with your skin tone to effectively add in a few “visual inches”.
  • You can wear nude stilettos all year round. 
  • Even though nude complements every color, pastels work especially well, as seen by Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria in the image below.

Nude Heels Four Ways
(sources: People.com, FashionWorship.com)

  • When wearing short skirts or dresses, make sure that your legs are waxed, polished and well moisturized before you step in a nude pair of stilettos. Since the color blends in with your skin, you’ll notice those little things more. And you’ll feel more comfortable if your legs are looking their best.
  • Nude stilettos are effortlessly stylish and are a must-have in your shoe wardrobe. However, remember, no matter what color your shoes, you should always protect and silence your heels with a pair of Clickless!

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